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How Window Clings can Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

Signage is a key component of any business’ marketing mix. There are many different types of signs that can benefit a business in their own unique ways...however, one type, in particular, is often overlooked. Window clings have the power to amplify any company’s marketing efforts in a multitude of ways. Skeptical? Read on to discover all of the ways window clings can heighten your brand’s visibility, attract customers and play an overall crucial role in your marketing plan!

Complimentary Branding

Window clings serve as an attention-grabbing branding method in any window display. This is especially true when used in conjunction with other branding efforts. Windows are an excellent medium for emphasizing your brand and executing your branding strategy since it’s usually the first thing people notice when entering your establishment. This means people can instantly associate and connect your window clings with your other marketing efforts, which not only strengthens their recognition of your brand, but conveys a message that your brand is cohesive, clean, and professional.

Highlight Key Information

This form of signage not only serves as a visually pleasing marketing piece, but an informational one, as well. They can give potential customers details on your company’s hours of operation, special promotions, and the service and/or products that you offer. Window clings are also a great option for businesses that need to advertise seasonal offerings or important notices, as they can be easily removed and replaced, as seen fit.

Unique Design Opportunities

Unique and original window clings provide the opportunity to garner the attention of passersby and foster their interest in your brand. Your individual cling design can highlight what your business does in a creative way, and can attract customers in your target market. Say, for example, you have a company that provides auto body services. This means you can display window clings of cars and mechanics to emphasize the services you provide. By showcasing your capabilities via window clings, it’s practically guaranteed that you will attract and convert potential customers at a higher rate than if you left your window space unutilized.

Take Advantage of Unused Space

Speaking of unutilized storefront space…use it! By not making the most out of every inch of your storefront, you are missing out on potential marketing opportunities, and therefore, profit. By exhibiting promotions, creative designs, logos, relevant messages, attractive images and more in the form of window clings, your brand’s visibility and reach can skyrocket. Using clings on blank areas of your storefront or other windows ensures that you don’t waste any chance to further your business’ marketing success.

Window clings are a surprisingly easy way to expand your marketing efforts. By displaying this form of signage, you can increase your brand’s visibility, reach, and impact on customers and potential customers. They not only serve as a visual attention-grabber, but as an informational tool, a way to strengthen your overall marketing efforts, and as a way to capitalize on otherwise unused space. In order to maximize the efficiency of your marketing mix, incorporating window clings whenever and wherever possible is simply a must!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Steel


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