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Omega FTP

You can't create quality print without quality tools to get it done. Our fleet of superior machinery and premium software is truly unmatched, and is truly an indicator of our robust list of print capabilities.

Once you have selected your Sales Representative from the dropdown menu below, you may start uploading your art files immediately. If you are not sure as to who your Sales Representative is, please select "Art Uploads and we will personally see that your files are delivered to the appropriate staff members.

Formatting notes: Hi-Res PDF with 1/8'' Bleeds and crop marks. If there is a die or spot varnish, you will need to upload the native files. If uploading multiple files, please format your content as a .zip file. 

Technical notes: Native files with a total batch size of 750MB or less per upload will provide best upload performance. You may upload multiple files at once by selecting more than one file when you “Choose files”. Make sure you have Javascript enabled. Flash Player 30 recommended. Older versions of Flash may not be optimal. Please ZIP or compress your files before uploading if you are uploading more than one file. 
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