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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Q:  What is the largest size substrate you can print on the Vutek Digital Printer?

A: The largest size we can print on our Vutek Digital Printer is 10 x 100 feet long.

Q: What is the largest size substrate you can print conventionally?

A: The largest size we can print conventionally is 23 X 29 inches.

Q: How should I format my art files before I upload them?

A: Hi-Res PDF with 1/8'' Bleeds and crop marks. If there is a die or spot varnish, we would need the native files. Please ZIP all your files and use our FTP SITE to send in your files. 

Q: Is delivery included?

A: Yes, delivery is included up to 50 miles from our shop. A delivery charge will be applied to deliveries further than 50 miles away from our shop.

Q: What is your average turn-around time?

 A: 5-7 days from the proof approval. The timeframe varies depending on the scope of the job. 

Q: Do you offer installation services? 

A: Yes, we have installation teams located in New Jersey and Florida. Additional fees included. 

Q: Do you print wallpaper? 

A: Yes, we have the ability to print wall paper and can install it as well. 

Q: Do you offer Fulfillment and Warehousing services? 

A: Yes, we have 13,000 square footage in New Jersey and 12,000 square footage in Florida to store, pick and pack your goods. Please contact us here to explore this service. 


Q: Do you only offer Fulfillment and Warehousing Services for Print Materials? 

A: No, we have the storage space and the capabilities to assist with a wide range of fulfillment and warehousing needs beyond just print materials. Whether it's handling inventory, shipping products, managing returns, or providing customized packaging solutions, our fulfillment services are designed to meet diverse business needs across various industries.

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