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Why Catalog Print Marketing is Profitable for Your Business in 2021

In a world where everything and anything can be possible-we recommend integrating catalogs back into your marketing mix. Continue to travel down the path of digital, but don’t shy away from the tried and true forms of print marketing. Infact, Catalog print marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business, on top of all the benefits we will go over below.


Catalogs are tangable

Holding something in your hands and being able to not only flip through it, but examine it, is far more satisfying than scrolling on a cellphone. And yes, you can always go back to your cell phone, just like a print catalog, but that requires you to physically remember the web address. Where as print catalogs are most likely being held on to for future use. The longer the catalog stays in your consumers’ possession; the more exposure your business will obtain.

“Except for the laborious task of turning pages, dealing with something printed is almost passive; you don’t have to sit in front of a computer, type anything to search. You can hold a catalog in your hands, mark it up, put it down and pick it up again a day later. It can, and often does, stay in the house for weeks.”

Source: Forbes

Catalog Print Marketing is High Quality

When taking advantage of catalog marketing, you are letting your customers know that your business is the premier solution when it comes to the type of products/services you sell. Print marketing, in whole, is more expensive than digital marketing. It takes more effort and more teamwork to go from conceptualism to fruition. But, the take away from going that extra mile is that your brand will stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Catalogs offer exceptional quality and high appeal. Catalogs allow your business to highlight all your features and important selling points to your customers easier than a digital advertisement. Plus, the imagery on paper is displayed at a higher DPI (Dots per inch) than digital. Overall, you are showing that your business is doing things at the highest of quality and standard-never settling for anything less.

“Even with everyone on the Internet, catalogs are still mailing in the billions and the reason from the marketers’ perspective is the foundation of direct marketing: catalogs work! They more than pay for the costs of getting them into the hands of customers and prospects.”

Source: Forbes

Tracking Catalog Results are Easy

This is the part that everyone dreads, but it's easier to do than businesses think! Print catalogs that are being directly sent to your target consumers also provides a lot of data that can be analysed for better results. From the mailing information, to your call-to-actions; these allow you to better identify the trends of your sales. Once the data is collected, your business can then review the information and make decisions to perfect the future release of your catalogs. Refining and improving on your collected results will better build your brand identity and increase sales.

One Catalog for your Entire Product Line

Catalogs allow you to showcase your entire product line, all at once! This is where print beats digital advertising. Digital advertisements are easily scrolled over or never opened to begin with. In fact, this study published by Return path, explains that out of 5 millions consumers, 22 percent actually opened and read a digital advertisement directly sent to their email inboxes. Where as the article published by Entrepreneur, showcased that 77 percent of consumers will sort through their mail immediately and 98 percent of people check their mail boxes daily! The likelihood of a consumer seeing your brand in print is higher than it would be in a digital form.

Digital advertisements become more costly over time; especially when attempting to advertise an entire product line. Lastly, digital advertisements are limited on space; overcrowding the digital advertisement will look messy or confusing to your customers. Print catalogs, however, are being displayed to your customers in a fluid layout.

Catalogs are a tried and true marketing channel that can help increase your customer base, grow your business and overall increase triple bottom line. The extra marketing expenses you inquired over catalog print marketing will counterbalance based on the impact of print marketing to your consumers. The returns are endless.

Interested in catalog print marketing for your business? Contact us here or call us directly at +1 (609) 645 1940.

Written by our Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Strategist, Danielle Elia


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