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Utilizing Print Marketing for Recruiting Services

Recruiting for a position.

Whether you are recruiting for a job position, enrollment, membership, or other reasons, print marketing is a great tool to utilize. In addition to providing information about the recruitment, printed materials also help promote your organization. With this in mind, it is important to make the materials exciting and engaging! They should pique the interest of the targeted demographic.

Types of Print Materials for Recruiting

There are many types of printed materials that can be utilized for recruiting. However, this does not mean you need to use all of these materials.

Direct Mail - Direct mail can be sent to a targeted group of individuals and personalized using variable data printing with data collected from you or through lists that can be acquired online. Direct mail with variable data has a personal touch that can help drastically increase responses.

Flyers - Flyers can be distributed manually or made available in high-traffic areas where interested people can grab them. Perforated paper allows for tear-off sections so people can return a form and retain the informational section.

Brochures - Brochures are a great low-cost resource for conveying a lot of information in a small piece that is well-organized and easy to distribute. Brochures are the perfect print for educating someone about an organization and a position.

Business Cards - Business cards are an essential tool for a recruiter to network and provide contact information for potential recruits. Business cards are also a marketing tool, if done correctly, that can make a good impression on the recipient.

Name Tags - Name tags are often overlooked, but great to have at recruiting events where people can meet hundreds of new contacts. A nice name tag can help make a recruiter look more professional and make the organization and person more memorable.

Displays – Pop-up displays, banners, backdrops, and other event displays can be used at events, as well as in an office or storefront where there is foot traffic from non-employees. A nice display can provide a visual of who the organization is, as well as the people who work there. A proper display helps show credibility and professionalism.

Promotional Items – Branded promotional items are great giveaways to leave people with something to remember about your organization. Especially at recruiting events, a good promotional item can generate good recall. Some examples of common promotional items that can be used for recruiting include bookmarks, notepads, planners, lip balms, and pens.


Print is personal. Personal information that is directed toward the desired demographic should be incorporated into print marketing for recruiting services. The information on printed recruiting materials should include details, expectations, requirements/eligibility, location, compensation, and contact information.


The design of printed materials for recruiting should all be uniform. A clear message should be tailored to the demographic of an audience or individuals that you are trying to recruit. All of the printed items should be an introduction and invitation to your brand. They should be designed to feel welcoming, beneficial, and opportunistic.

Include consistent brand logos, colors, fonts, and graphics. Limit the number of fonts to only one or two. If using images, use high-quality original images that you have the right to use. Get creative with shapes, sizes, or embellishments, such as foiling to make the print stand out. Add a QR code or other interactive element to lead people directly to an online landing page for application or more detailed information. The more ways you can connect with your target demographic, the better.

4 Elements of Good Print Materials

These four items are the most important takeaways when creating print marketing materials for recruiting services:

1. Easy to read - clear, engaging, and concise details.

2. Easy to act - hook, call to action, contact info, and/or landing page.

3. Eye-catching - graphics, imagery, spacing, and shine.

4. Relevant - information and design must be relevant to the position, organization, and targeted demographic.

Benefits of Utilizing Print for Recruiting Services

In a digital world, it is still important and relevant to use tangible marketing tactics. Recruiting is marketing heavy and print materials are a necessity, especially when at an in-person event. Utilize print to strengthen your recruiting efforts and let Omega’s design team help you make the most impactful visuals.

Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Associate, Ava Hoch.


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