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Print Essentials for Universities and Colleges

We know, we know… didn’t the school year just end? While this may be true, as any good professor would tell you, procrastination can be a killer. When it comes to planning a university or college’s latest print marketing strategy, this is especially true.

As a prestigious institution of higher education, it’s important that you carefully select just what types of print your school will use. While design plays an integral role in ensuring this is the case, it truly starts with making sure you have selected the proper print materials to begin with. Let’s dive into what types of print marketing products are essential for any university or college to have.

Welcome Boxes

It goes without saying that universities and colleges are expected to encompass modernity, constantly adapting and evolving to match the world around us. That being said, these institutions should have print materials that reflect this. Welcome Boxes are a contemporary twist on the traditional welcome letter. These branded boxes not only contain a warm welcome message for new students, but also contain a variety of small gifts.

This print material makes soon-to-be feel appreciated, which strengthens their bond with you. Recipients also have a high propensity for sharing Welcome Boxes on social media, which is a great way to receive organic exposure. In the welcome box shown above, Stockton University capitalizes on this by prompting students to share one of their goodies with the hashtag, “#StocktonU.”

Promotional Products

As we alluded to in the previous paragraph, branded, functional gifts are a great way to strengthen bonds with and foster positive attitudes about a University or College. The variety of different promotional products a school can offer is extremely wide. They are often much more profitable when compared to those offered by other types of businesses.

Clothing, mugs, keychains, bumper stickers and more don’t even need to be given out for free, as people are often more than happy to pay for them due to the special relationship people have with Universities. However, when they are offered for free, like in a welcome box, orientation gift, or graduation gift, they still prove to be an excellent marketing tool, as this only proves to further strengthen a school's appeal.


It is extremely important that colleges take advantage of signage, as they serve a variety of important functions. Directional signage, for one, is huge. With college campuses encompassing upwards of thousands of acres, even older students and faculty, let alone freshman and visitors, can find it hard to navigate at times. For this reason, having signage that aids in guiding people around such a large facility is crucial.

Signage can also be a great tool for advertising everything from school events, to sign ups for fraternities, sororities, clubs and other extracurricular activities. This means that this type of print is a great way to increase student involvement in everything the school has to offer.

Direct Mail

Due to decreased enrollment rates, competition for stake in this shrinking pool of potential students is fierce. That’s why it’s important for institutions of higher education to take advantage of direct mail. It’s not enough to hope students come to you on their own accord. Using direct mail allows universities to make the first move, and like signage, are highly versatile.

For instance, direct mail used by universities may take the form of invitations to campus tours or school events, announcements of school openings or new programs, reach outs to potential donors, prospect recruitment, or information on college offerings. These are all great ways to boost awareness, increase positive brand image, increase enrollment and garner donations.

It’s true that print marketing materials are incredibly important for any industry, but for universities and colleges, they are absolutely crucial. That being said, it’s imperative these institutions implement the proper types of print. Foregoing the above print means that schools could also be foregoing the chance to attract new prospects, strengthen bonds with their students, boost involvements, secure donations, heighten awareness, and so much more. Your school’s printed materials matter, and carefully selecting the most suitable types shows that your school takes your students and their needs seriously.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Steel


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