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Different Ways Businesses Can Print QR Codes

Today, the use of mobile devices is very popular and businesses are taking advantage of new technology. Information needs to be easily accessed from a business to a consumer. A new trending channel that marketers are implementing are QR Codes. QR (Quick Response) Code is a machine-readable code that stores a URL and can be accessed through a device’s camera. These codes can provide more information about a product or service or link to a company's website. This is a great way for businesses to promote engagement through mobile devices. Below, we discuss different ways companies can print QR codes.

Business Cards, Postcards or Brochures

If you are attending an event or tradeshow, a great way for new customers to remember your company is to add QR codes to business cards. These QR codes can link to a website, a specific product or service, or a location. A hospitality company promoting a new hotel, in a brochure can add a QR Code of a 3D room tour. If your company is attending an event and is promoting different products, you can add several QR codes that link to those individual products. Additionally, a company’s QR code can link to a questionnaire to measure consumers' thoughts and feelings.

Restaurant or Drink Menus

Placing a QR code on a menu is an effective way for patrons to collect more information on specific dishes. If a customer has a dietary restriction, a restaurant can add a QR code on their menu which can link to a full ingredient list. This is an efficient way for customers to access this information quickly and for staff to save time.

Posters and Window Clings

Most businesses incorporate large print materials inside or outside of the building such as posters and window clings. Adding a QR code on large print is strategic for reaching a large number of people. If your business requires customers to fill out a questionnaire prior to entry, an effective way to communicate this is by adding a QR code in front of the main entrance. If your company plans on placing QR codes in public places, the best spots are building entrances, bulletin boards and information desks. Printing custom QR codes on large signage will have a broad reach and increase efficiency.

Stickers and T-Shirts

Adding QR codes to promotional products is a unique way to entice new customers to your business. If your company is attending any event, giving out stickers with a QR code is a great way for future customers to remember your business. Printing a QR code on apparel is a fun way for customers to access the company’s website or engage on social media.

Implementing QR codes in your business is an exceptional way to engage consumers and allow people to access information instantly. It’s vital for marketers to stay up-to-date on trends, such as QR codes! It can be a fun and memorable way to spread awareness and make things easier to access.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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