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Why Printed Materials are Needed for ANY Event

Planning an event is no easy feat. There are so many elements and moving parts that need to be coordinated just so, lest everything culminate in complete disaster. In order to throw a successful event of any variety, those in attendance need to have the best experience possible. One crucial component to ensuring this is providing guests with access to information and resources relevant to what is going on. And what better way to do this than with printed materials? No matter the nature or type of event, printed materials are almost always pivotal to their success.

Charity Events

It’s no surprise that consumers are willing to donate to and participate in a cause they believe in. Companies have successfully run non marketing campaigns via social media and the internet. But, donors and participants prefer and react better to printed media. There are many ways of reaching out and engaging with consumers to get their support!

You’re planning a Charity Golf Event where donors play golf, eat and of course donate to the cause. After reserving the venue and golf course, you send out postcards highlighting the event. This post card includes an outline of the day ahead, a RSVP and donation section. You also reach out to businesses and companies to rally support. Their support will be displayed throughout the golf course in forms of lawn signs, table place settings, banners and more! On event day, workers will be dressed accordingly in event shirts. Tucked away inside the golf cart will be promotional items relative to the golf outing, and an informational booklet highlighting the event details, schedule, donors and history of the Charity. Did we mention directional signage? After the tournament play is over, all golfers will have a chance to donate through a raffle. Raffle tickets will be passed around to the participating donors to effectively claim their prize and donate to the cause.


The importance of printed materials at concerts may not be inherently obvious. Nonetheless, printed materials play an essential role in this type of event. Let’s go through an average concert experience, and see just how essential they are.

You arrive at the concert venue, and naturally need a Parking Pass. You need to provide your Ticket for admittance. After this, you are often required to wear a Wristband, which acts as proof of purchase and ensures that if you leave, you can get back in. You may have purchased a VIP Pass that grants you faster entrance or special access to different areas. You’re going to need to look at Signage to figure out where you're going, and of course, you may want to buy some Merchandise, such as a Printed Shirt or Poster to commemorate the occasion.

Trade Shows

Trade Shows are an occasion where businesses can showcase their branding, via multiple types of print, to other firms in their field, potential customers, or even partners. Let’s delve into all the ways printed materials are used at this type of event.

You’re setting up your business’s exhibition at the Trade Show. The first thing you do is to set up your branded Signage, as well as a Fabric Banner Display, so that attendees can easily identify and locate you. A guest wearing his Trade Show Pass attached by a branded Lanyard comes up to your exhibition. He can’t look for long, but that’s fine. You hand him a branded Flyer, which gives a brief overview of your business and a Brochure, which further details your product line. He also takes a Business Card from your table, so he can reach out to you after he leaves.


Conferences are events which often feature several speakers who discuss a common topic or industry. Those who attend often do so with the aim of gaining a bit more knowledge on whatever the focus of the event is, and printed materials can greatly enhance their experience in a number of ways. Let’s see how.

You arrive at a conference, and are immediately given an Agenda, which details who is speaking, as well as when and where. You are able to get to the first speech with the help of directional Signage. As the speaker begins, you are able to take notes using the Notepad and Branded Pen that was also provided to you. It’s a bit hard to hear, but luckily you grabbed a Program that includes several keynotes of the speech, as well as other important information. After the speaker finishes, you introduce yourself and ask when and where you can attend another event where they will be speaking. They then hand you an Info Card, which gives you the date and location of the next conference they will be speaking at.

After reading through these scenarios, it is much more clear just how big of a role printed material plays in the success of any event. Without it, attendees would be hard-pressed to have the information and resources they need to have a fulfilling experience. Of course, the whole goal of an event, no matter what kind, is for guests to enjoy themselves and find value in their time spent. Using printed materials at any event is a sure fire way to make sure this goal is met!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions Digital Marketing Associate, Emily Steel


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