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Why Every Business Needs Print Marketing

In today’s digitally dominating world, some believe print is unnecessary. However, print remains a vital asset to many businesses' marketing practices. It is a resourceful method to promote products and services. The correct print collateral and strategic implementation can result in more brand awareness and an increase in sales. The power of print can become a beneficial necessity for businesses across all industries. Read below to learn the benefits of print marketing!

High Response Rate

The physical elements of print allow for a higher response rate amongst consumers. According to Cascade Print Media, print marketing has a 37% higher response rate than email marketing. It is proven that advertisers receive a higher return when using print!

Print Is Tangible and Can Be Saved

Since print materials are tangible objects, individuals are more likely to save and hold on to them. It allows customers to refer back to them and remember the company, products or services. This is why it is important for marketers to create the best print collateral and make them memorable. If the print is eye-catching and the brand stands out, then there is a much higher chance consumers will reach out at a later date. Objects that people can touch or hold plays a psychological role in consumer decision making. This is good information when your business is deciding to use digital or print materials for a campaign.

No Technological Disruptions

Online ads such as pop-up links or banner ads can be disruptive and irritating for a user. Oftentimes, users will become aggravated and click out of the ad immediately. In other cases, users will enable ad-blockers. The great thing about print materials is that technical difficulties don’t exist! Prospects can have all of the vital information at the fingertips— no loading issues or disruptions.

Print Stands Out

Whether a company is attending a tradeshow or event, or wants their business to stand out, print marketing can do just that! Printed materials are more prominent, while digital ads blend in and can result in clutter. Handing out tangible materials, such as brochures and business cards at events can leave a lasting positive impression on a prospect. Relationships can be created between customers and a business and lead to a higher retention rate.

Print Helps Reach Target Markets

Direct mail marketing can target local geographies or demographics that match your target market. Placing ads in newspapers, magazines, or circulars can also help reach a target market, whether it be a niche market or the general public. It is essential to know the demographics of your target market in order to correctly place ads in the future. Leveraging data allows a business to place their brand in the right place at the right time.

The benefits of print marketing outweigh any drawbacks. Print remains a vital advertising method that makes brands stand out. The right collateral and placement can lead to higher awareness, sales, and positive relationships with consumers. A higher response rate, tangibility, lack of technical issues, a brighter company spotlight, and finding a target market are only a few benefits of print marketing. Implementing print marketing into a business strategy is a resourceful approach to enter.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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