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What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable data printing is a supplement to the digital printing process. It provides businesses with the ability to reach their recipients on a one to one ratio. With the creation of this unique experience through digital printing, VDP enables text, images or graphics to be printed differently on each printed piece.

This method of printing is achieved through spreadsheets being uploaded to create the targeted marketing campaigns based on the specific information provided. Variable data brings benefits to the table like no other static campaign can do.

Types of variable data printing.

Like most technology, software and techniques advance over time. The same goes for variable data printing. Older methods of VDP have become less efficient over the years as the process became too strenuous and long.

The original technique was done in a two run process where the images and text were printed on the substrate first, then the variable data was printed on top of the substrate afterwards.

As time progressed, the machines were equipped with standard software to create such files needed to speed up the process. However, the print files were very large, significantly slowing the process down.

Today, printing companies (like us!) utilize special VDP software. The high quality printers are equipped to handle any volume of print. The software is also created to be more efficient for print files - resulting in fast printing speeds and zero slow downs.

Why variable data printing works!

VDP has a strong targeted approach that has been proven to compete well against the generic marketing practices of today. It’s simple - personalized marketing steals attention, because a consumer is more likely to act, engage and remember material that was directly tailored to them. Variable data printing can be used for either small or large runs - no job is too big or too small!

To better help your understanding, here are some facts that prove why variable data printing is the go to move.

  • 86% of shoppers explained that personalized marketing will steer them towards a purchase more. (Infosys)

  • 80% of shoppers enjoy that retailers provide personalized suggestions for them to shop from. (DigitalCommerce360)

  • The return on investment (ROI) on VDP marketing campaigns is 200% higher. (finsbury)

What can be printed using Variable Data Printing methods?

  • Business Cards • Postcards • Mailers

  • CD covers • Catalogs & Booklets • Announcements

  • Menus • Brochures • Presentation Books

  • Flyers • Posters • Greeting cards

  • Envelopes • Letterheads• Newsletters

How do you start using VDP?

If you want to start revolutionizing how you reach your targeted audience, contact us at +1 (609) 645-1940 to get started with variable printing today!



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