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The Relevance of Decal Marketing

When we think about marketing tactics nowadays, we may be inclined to think of digital and high-tech strategies... like digital ads, active social media, and analytics software. While these are all effective ways to market to potential consumers, in this digitally saturated day and age, going back to basics can actually pay off. It doesn’t get much more basic than good ole’ fashion decals. Yes, decals, or stickers as they are sometimes referred to as, do in fact serve a greater purpose than scrapbooking. Decals are still very much relevant in the world of marketing, and the reasons why are simple, but powerful.

Advertisement in Motion

One of the most obvious reasons to implement decals in your marketing campaign is that they can be placed just about anywhere. We probably don’t realize just how many decals we see in a day, but think. You’ve probably been behind at least one car today with a bumper sticker or two. And you’ve undoubtedly seen some decals slapped on the back of laptops, fridges, clothing, walls… the list goes on and on. This also means that decals have the opportunity to move from place to place, and increase your brand’s potential reach and exposure level.

Quality on a Budget

Another upside to decal marketing is that it’s typically one of the more effective low-cost methods to increase brand awareness. Chew on this: you have the budget to make 100 high quality decals and 100 cheap flyers. If you were to hand each out to customers, which of the two would they be more likely to keep? Chances are, they’ll keep the decal and toss away the flyer. You would definitely get more bang for your buck by using decal marketing, and make a more positive and long-lasting impression on consumers.

Accessorize Your Campaign

Of course, decals should not be your main marketing tactic. However, they have the ability to compliment any campaign. According to one marketing firm, decals have the power to enhance and compliment larger marketing efforts in a variety of ways. For example, you could give away free decals in exchange for email addresses. The firm also states that decals are a great way to encourage social media interaction as well as word-of-mouth. Decals even increase the chances of direct mail getting opened when they are attached.

Yes, the decal can be a truly powerful form of marketing. Although one may assume that efforts should be directed more towards digital marketing, it’s very easy for your message to get lost in a sea of thousands of other digital ads. Sometimes, having something tangible and slightly kitchy can be what really helps your company stand apart from

competitors who base their marketing solely in cyberspace. It’s important not to forsake these traditional forms of marketing as you may be missing out on more opportunities than you think!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions' Digital Marketing Associate, Emily Steel


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