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The Must-Have Print for Weddings

Getting married is considered a huge milestone in most people's lives, which is why the events thrown in its commemoration are often so elaborate. Weddings often need to be planned months or even years in advance, due to the laundry list of factors that go into coordinating such an event. Besides the venue, wedding cake, and flower arrangements, there are so many other elements that need to be considered. One such element that people tend to forget about is all the printed materials that are crucial leading up to, during, and after a wedding. Yes, while it may be easy to overlook how important printed materials are for putting together this special day, they can truly make or break the entire wedding experience for all involved.


One must-have printed material for this event is the Wedding Invitation. Without an invitation, it would be hard to expect people to know the date of the wedding, the time, the locale, the venue, or even who is getting married. Oftentimes, these invitations contain a host of different components. This includes an inner and outer envelope, belly band, actual invitation card, reception card, directions, and hotel accomodations. While this is definitely the most important and detailed invite to send out, it is far from the only type of invitation most “soon-to-be-weds” will need. In addition to this, there are save-the-dates, engagement party invitations, bridal shower invitations, Bachelor or Bachelorette party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations and welcome dinner invitations.

At the Wedding

While the list of pre-wedding materials is long, the list of print needed at the ceremony itself is also extensive. Ceremony programs are a common printed material available for guests at weddings. These are preferable for longer ceremonies, but offer important information regarding the evening's proceedings, people involved, as well as a brief welcome to the event. Escort cards are also common, and help direct guests to their assigned tables. Tables usually feature Table Number cards and Place cards as well, which not only further aid attendees in finding their specific seating arrangements, but are also important for sit-down dinner receptions so that waiters can deliver food to the correct people. Finally, menu cards are also a must have. Even if the dinner available at the wedding is buffet-style, it’s still important to inform guests about the food being served.


Yes, even after all is said and done, there is still at least one more printed material crucial for any wedding event. This of course is the Thank You card! In addition to thanking the guest by name for their attendance in general, it should thank them for any gift they may have brought as well. These should be sent out to guests within about three weeks of the event.

Throwing a wedding is definitely an involved process and can seem very stressful for those working behind the scenes. So many elements need to be planned out and coordinated in order to make it a success. Since this event is considered to be such an important day in the lives of those involved, it is crucial to incorporate all of the necessary materials to make sure things go off without a hitch. Since the list of such materials are not few in number, it can be easy to forget some small, yet important details. While printed materials may be easily glossed over in the wedding planning process, their incorporation can really make or break such an event. It is truly vital not to underestimate the role that print can play in every facet of a wedding; before, during and after!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions' Digital Marketing Associate, Emily Steel


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