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  • Ava Hoch | Omega's Marketing Associate

The Importance of Print in Rebranding

The process of rebranding can be time-consuming and challenging, but it is important to go through a thoughtful exercise to ensure it is effective. Whether rebranding your whole business or a specific product, print is a necessary aspect of rebranding.

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Product branding.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing strategy that updates the image and identity of a product or company. You can rebrand a product line, service offered, or an entire business. Rebranding can be the creation of a new name, terminology, symbol, logo, design, concept, or a combination of all.

Changing your business's overall look or aesthetic can be a big part of rebranding.

  • Logos- When a company does a full rebrand it often changes the logo. This is to convey to customers and potential customers that there has been a change to the brand. It has become popular for brands to make their logo simpler or even make it look retro/vintage for a nostalgic effect.

  • Colors- During a rebrand, it is often a risk to change the company colors. Colors are a huge factor in brand recognition. It is often best to stick with the company's original color palette across all products and platforms.

  • Tagline- Typically, a rebrand results from a new direction or desired perception of the brand. A new or altered tagline can help articulate what the rebrand means. Taglines should be short and clearly state the brand’s purpose or service.

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Omega logo, color pallet, and tagline

To rebrand or not to rebrand?

The decision of whether to rebrand a product or company can be tough. Aside from the time that goes into developing the rebrand, it can often be costly and there are risks involved with making changes to an established brand.

A few reasons rebranding might be the right choice:

1. Sales are stagnant or dropping. A rebrand can provide a jolt to sales with the introduction of something “new” and exciting for customers.

2. To stand out against competitors. Over time, brands in similar industries may utilize elements from their competitors that start to make them all seem the same. A rebrand is an opportunity to create something that stands out.

3. Outdated brand image. A brand can inevitably look dated over time with changing trends and technologies. A rebrand allows the opportunity to create something fresh and current.

4. Repositioning. It may be time to reevaluate where the brand or product l