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The Art of Die-Cutting

Regardless if you're a newbie to Die-Cutting or are just searching for elucidation on the subject, our team is here to supply you with a welsh of knowledge in the art of Die-Cutting.

What's the "Die" in Die-Cutting mean?

To clarify, the "Die" in Die-Cutting is the name of the actual piece that is used to make the cut on the machine. The Die is a razor-sharp steel blade. The Die is also extremely thin, making it perfect to be molded into any shape or pattern needed. Think of it as the cookie cutter of the print world.

How does Die-Cutting work?

The act of Die-Cutting, is when the sharp die is used to cut various substrates into the desired shape. Die-Cutting doubles as a functional solution and marketing tool. Die-Cutting is an automated process in printing. The process allows for numerous sheets to be cut out in a short period of time. The shape of the die can be molded into anything; a corner, edge or the entire size of the substrate. The world is your canvas.

Die-cutting can also be used for perforated die cutting. this type of die cutting is used to create a perforated shape, cutting through the designs face and layers without going all the way through or puncturing the backing materials. This process makes it easier to remove the backing layer.

If you would like to see a the real time process of Die-Cutting at our Print Shop, Click on the link below to watch our Beyond the print episode of Die-Cutting.

How can Businesses use Die-Cutting?

With a little imagination and creativity, businesses can benefit from the use of die-cutting. For example, a funky business card can be die cut that is unique to a business. Or, create interactive designs that allow the customers to be properly engaged when considering a business.

However, not everything needs to be a creative solution. The function side of Die-Cutting can stand out to a customer just as much. For the average person that doesn't work in print or die cutting directly, they can often overlook the simple details of how a cut, flap, or pocket actually got where it is.A very over looked example of Die-Cutting is the window in a envelope. The envelope was perforated by the die and cut out the proper size window to allow a person to see important information. It may not be the most appealing design-but it is still a smart and function design.

Interested in implimenting creative and or function print solutions for consumers? Contact us today about our Die-Cutting methods and Print Solutions. We are Omega High Impact Print Solutions.


Written by our Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Strategist, Danielle Elia.


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