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The Advantages of Digitally Printing your Print Packaging

Gone are the days of boring packaging designs that collect dust on shelves. Technological innovations in digital printing have changed the way package printing is fulfilled. There are many advantages of choosing digitally printed packaging - regardless of the size of the business. Here are the ways digital printing can provide notable advantages to your business.

  • Personalization

The print packaging design does not have to be the same over and over again. With digitally printed packaging, businesses are able to print personalized pieces. Our Digital printing presses are equipped with variable data. Variable data allows our customers to create layouts to alter the names, images and/or addresses. Digitally printed packaging is ideal for your packages that are being geared towards direct marketing campaigns, customer relationship management and advertising campaigns.

  • Print what’s Needed

Digitally printing your packaging allows for your business to have flexibility in frequency and quantity. Unlike large format printers, digital printing presses do not need printing plates - making it possible to run short and or medium size jobs. This method of print for your packaging is ideal, because it allows businesses to have more cash on hand, and diminishes the risk of excess inventory and waste.

Businesses that are testing out market preferences and target audiences benefit from short run printing methods, which are widely available via digital printing. Running and testing how the packaging will perform in certain marketing conditions, is achieved through short run printing.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Digital printing machines do not require plates to be set up. It also allows for proofs to be reviewed and sent to press electronically, making this stage in the process totally paperless.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

Digital printing has little to no set up; because there are no large plates being used. Once the digital file for your print packaging is sent over, it takes minutes to initiate the printing process, whereas large format will take longer to set up the plates for each individual package design. Plus, when you choose a local printer, like Omega, shipping time and costs are significantly lower, allowing you to receive your print packaging as fast as we produce it!

When choosing digital print for your packaging needs, your business will benefit from a multitude of advantages, most importantly when it is being compared to traditional print practices.

Check out how Omega High Impact Print Solutions utilizes their digital printing fleet to provide innovative print solutions to the world here.

If you are interested in starting your print journey, contact us directly at +1 (609)- 645-1940 or click here.

Written by Omega’s Digital Marketing Intern, Danielle Elia


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