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Rejuvenate your Marketing with Large Format Printing

Go big or go Home- That’s always been a strong motto at Omega! And while you might be alarmed to make the decision to go big, we are here to explain how Large Format Printing can be commonly used by any business.

To start, we need to clean the air. Large Format, Wide Format and Grand Format are all the same. This printing technique utilizes specialized equipment that has the capacity to produce oversized results. The possibilities are endless with Large Format and can be a variety of projects such as vehicle wraps, billboards, building wraps, posters, and banners. Check out these examples of Large Format Print that are sure to turn heads.

Window Clings

Window Clings are a refreshing way to welcome new customers to your brick and mortar location. The quality and hold of these static clings is incomparable. When utilizing clings, it's important to consider the positioning and placement prior to application. Placing a window cling where it is hard to view or where there is little to no foot traffic would render this printed material useless. Position your businesses properly by placing the window cling front and center; where current and prospective customers can view and read your window cling information best.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands are a great way to showcase a deal or special advertising your company is running. This Large Format Print can be utilized in various cases; expeditions, media events, in-store promotions, and Retractable Banner Stands take seconds to set up and break down, making this solution a valuable time saver. They also make a great substitute for the larger printed materials that might not suit a business well, or when space is limited.

Wall Decals

Wall Decals are a great way to evolve a space. They show a businesses professionalism and are extremely versatile. Vinyl Wall Decals can work to connect clients with your brand. Showcase important messaging and imagery such as your mission statement, core values, current promotions and vision so clients and employees know what the company is all about.


Backdrops are misconceived. While some may assume that they are best used for photoshoots, there are various uses and multiple benefits of utilizing a backdrop as a small or large business. The reasoning is based on the type of location, place, and event you might be in. If the space your business is operating out of is outdated or offbrand; a backdrop is large enough to mask the space and turn it into your own. Given their large size, a lasting impression is sure to be made. Backdrops also can be used to display large format images that will grab the attention of any bystander inside your building or walking past during an event.


Banners are a tried and true large format marketing solution. It is one of the easiest ways to communicate your company details and branding to potential customers. The size and color of a Banner being displayed on the exterior or interior of your building will attract attention and spark a consumer's interest. Not to mention, banners are versatile in terms of recycling it for multiple uses. If your business actively runs sales, promotions, or participates in events; optimize a Banner that meets your various needs. All the customers obtained through its use will increase your overall ROI.

Whether going big, grand, wide or large; make a statement for your business by investing in these Large Format Printing solutions our company has to offer.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Graphic Design & Digital Marketing Strategist, Danielle Elia


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