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Integrating Print & Digital Media

You’ve invested in print media for a while now, but more and more are seeing a rise in digital media popularity and want to make the switch… what should you do now?

If you're thinking about choosing one or the other, you are WRONG. Your best bet is to adapt & overcome - adopt both. Print media along with digital media are extremely useful tools when advertising a campaign. The combination of the two being used are extremely beneficial ways to not only increase your reach, but expand brand awareness, as well.

Let's dive deeper into reasons why companies use a combination of print marketing and digital media marketing to create the perfect integrated campaign. Many companies use a combined approach of print and digital media to expand their target audience. Why?

  • Think about all of the people you can reach if you utilize both strategies. Via the internet and in person, you will make impressions on countless potential customers, with the ability to target people everywhere.

  • Using both print and digital media advertising expands your audience significantly to reach as many people as possible. Not only will you be reaching the locals with print, but those who engage on the internet as well, through digital media. Reaching as many people as you can is the ultimate goal.

  • Using both print and digital media marketing will achieve this goal faster as opposed to limiting yourself to one or the other.

  • Another reason companies use both marketing strategies is to increase brand awareness. By reaching so many people, your brand awareness will skyrocket.

  • Combining print and digital media marketing will enhance exposure creating people to not only know who you are, but what you do as well. Brand awareness is a key component in a campaign in order to promote your business. Therefore, increasing brand awareness is pertinent, and what better way to do so than to use both print and digital media?

One successful campaign that came out of the year 2016 involved the hit Netflix show Stranger Things who partnered with Google. In this campaign, both the release of the hit show, and Google’s new app, Google Allo were being advertised. A Stranger Things themed vending machine was hidden in the depths of New York City. In order to find this gem and also get a quick snack, you had to use the Google Allo app. This not only promoted the use of the app, but allowed people to get to know the show through the app as well. Posts were plastered over social media about this campaign which significantly increased brand awareness for both businesses. Overall, this campaign was deemed highly successful on both ends of Netflix, and Google.

Are you ready to invest in an integrated marketing campaign? Contact us today for more information!

Written by Omega’s Digital Marketing intern, Dana Cuccio


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