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Integrated Marketing: Direct Mail Meets Email

Do you look forward to ripping open an envelope and discovering an advertisement? Or do you desire to receive ads through means of an email? Either way, both snail mail and email hold strong value in the eyes of a marketer. Utilizing an integrated marketing approach could prove to be highly beneficial in order to max out your reach. Both techniques have benefits, but when used together, this duo could be unstoppable. First, let's discuss the benefits of direct mail.

Direct Mail

  • Viewers tend to retain more information through direct print

  • Direct mail has high response rates

  • Direct mail is deemed trustworthy and credible

  • Could be individualized & personalized to the receiver

  • Direct mail is cost effective

Now that we've gone over the benefits of direct mail, let's go over the advantages of email marketing..

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is a simple and easy way of communicating

  • Emails can easily be shared to reach more people

  • Allows you to have direct contact with your customers

  • Email marketing is low in cost

Direct mail and email marketing have both proven their worth over time. However, in order to get the biggest bang for your buck, why not embrace both approaches? Direct mail and email marketing could be used simultaneously, creating an opportunity for a higher reach and ultimately, higher response rates. Try sending out a form of direct mail then, follow up with an email, or vice versa - the piggyback effect. In addition, both methods help build your overall brand awareness. Using a combination of the two techniques is a great way to market your business, services or offer to its fullest potential, creating breeding grounds for a successful campaign.




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