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How to Run a Successful Real Estate Print Campaign

Needless to say, being in the business of real estate is cut-throat. Competitors are everywhere. Therefore, in order to survive in this market, it is vital to stand out from the crowd. How, you ask? Print marketing. Potential customers are given a tangible advertisement that not only heightens their sense of brand awareness, but reminds them of the value a given real estate agent/agency can offer. This is not as easy as sticking some letters in the mail, as there are certain guidelines a real estate agency/agent should follow in order to run a successful print marketing campaign.

Convey Professionalism in all Print Materials

When sending out a direct mail piece, it’s important not to forgo the value of it’s content, especially when it comes to advertising real estate services. When it comes to textual content, consider hiring a professional copywriter who can create catchy hooks and strategically composed information. This increases the chance of making a good impression. Photographs included in any print materials also need to be of superior quality. It can prove beneficial to utilize professional photographers, and to avoid overused, obvious stock photos. All print marketing materials used should include a logo and contact information, as well. These advertisements act as a representation of the real estate professional sending them, so it is important to convey professionalism, value, and effort.

Coordinate Other Marketing Efforts

To make a print marketing campaign even stronger and increase the likelihood of its success, it is important that real estate agents fortify their efforts with other forms of marketing. Say an agent kicks off a mail campaign for homes in a particular area or runs a

print ad in a local newspaper. This agent would benefit from bolstering their print marketing strategy by coordinating their social media, blog and website content accordingly. As effective as print marketing is, it’s important to target as many potential customers as possible by including website addresses, phone numbers and email addresses on every piece of print marketing, as well. Plus, having cohesive messaging and imagery across all marketing platforms solidifies a real estate company or agent’s brand image, and impresses more positively on potential clients!

Track the Campaign

Not tracking the progress and effectiveness of any marketing campaign is a big no-no. Real estate professionals need to incorporate ways to track the effectiveness of different print marketing materials in order to maximize the campaign's rate of return. If one marketing material isn’t working as well as another, agents need to know so they can adapt their

strategy accordingly. One way to do this is by incorporating specific contact channels into printed materials. Consider using a unique phone number on print ads and record how many calls it receives. Doing this can help real estate agents discern which calls are a direct result of their print marketing efforts. Including a URL on printed materials specific to a particular landing page is also a great way to track the effectiveness of a real estate print campaign.

When it comes to running a print marketing campaign in the real estate industry, there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it. All marketing materials should be professionally designed in order to give the right impression to potential clients. It’s also very important to reinforce the print campaign’s effectiveness by coordinating any and all other marketing efforts, as well. Real estate professionals need to use the tools at their disposal to streamline and track these efforts. When these tips are adhered to, print marketing can prove to be a real estate agent’s best friend!

To learn more about how you can kick start your real estate print campaign, click here!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions' Digital Marketing Associate, Emily Steel


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