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How to Make Your Business Stand Out With Digital Marketing

Regardless of the industry your business might be in, it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to stand out. However, there are ways you can go about making your business unique enough to stand out amongst competition. From defining the brand's voice, to crafting interactive content - read below to find out how digital marketing can make a business stand out!

Define Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

The tone for your brand is a main influencer in how consumers perceive your message, personality and business values. From the words you choose, to the different types of digital content you put out, the overall tone of your brand should be consistent and cohesive across all marketing channels. With successful implementation of your brand's voice, a consumer should be able to identify the business through text alone. See below to assure your brand is on the right path.

  • Consider how you have communicated successfully with current and former clients in the past.

  • Recognize the type of tone you would like to execute in the future with new/potential clients.

  • Examine your competitors and how they are communicating their brand/message to their customers.

The Creation of Content

Content marketing is a way to define your brand and build your company's credibility with current and potential clients. The content you create and release will help elevate your brand as an industry leader, and overall, differentiate yourself against current competitors.

The creation of content and marketing it to consumers is also a substantial way to advocate that your brand is what consumers can and should rely on for enduring value. To show you how well content works for businesses, a survey by demand gen report concluded that 51 percent of business to business buyers rely on the content a business created to influence their buying decisions. The consumers also want shorter and more interactive content that educates them more than selling to them.

Interaction is Key

On top of making content that is ideal for the consumer; it should also be interactive on some level. In fact, the most popular way to market a business has been through the use of interactive and exciting campaigns. Why does this work? People want to interact with content they are viewing-rather than just look at it. Such content can be anything from polls and questionnaires to infographics, videos and more. The goal of having interactive marketing campaigns is to entice customers to engage! Being able to engage with your customers also allows you to collect that information and curate more content that your customers find important to them.

Implement Paid Advertisements

Using paid advertisements across social platforms will help differentiate your business. The benefit of advertising on social media is that there are multiple styles of advertisements that you can test and see which perform better. The best way to see how your business would stack up against the competition when you are investing in paid advertisements would be to look at how your competitors are advertising. Look at what they are doing and implement a strategy to be more effective. Test different campaigns and review the data from each. This way, you are able to review what is working for your clients and what is not. This gives you the chance to optimize your content and really appeal to your customers.

Interested in integrating your digital marketing campaigns with print? We have you covered! Contact us today to get started on your marketing integration by clicking here, or call us directly at (609)645-1940!

Written by Danielle Elia


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