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Essential Print Materials for a Successful Food Truck Business

food truck

It’s the summertime, which means food truck season is upon us and it's crucial to establish a strong brand presence to attract customers and differentiate from the competition. While digital marketing plays a significant role, traditional print marketing continues to be effective in capturing attention and conveying essential information to potential customers. Since food trucks offer a unique dining experience, informing and enticing customers is important. Here are must-have print materials for a thriving food truck business:

Vehicle Wraps

food truck vehicle wrap

Make your business stand out! Consider your food truck as your storefront and an advertisement. Transform your food truck into a mobile billboard by investing in professionally designed vehicle wraps or graphics. Full or partial vehicle wraps can be created to grab attention and enhance the truck's appeal. A visually striking wrap featuring your logo, brand style, mouthwatering food images, and contact information can turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


Menus are the heart and soul of any food truck. Menu boards or an A-frame menu sign are perfect to put outside your parked vehicle for a line of customers to view or get passersby to stop. Some food truck owners may also choose to use chalkboards to allow for menu flexibility. If you are looking to increase your marketing efforts for when people aren’t in front of your truck, flat or trifold menus are great options to promote your brand, website, and social media. True to the uniqueness of the food truck experience, menu designs should also be visually unique, and showcase the personality of the truck. Include photos of the food, graphics, and colors that mimic the truck, and clear descriptions of each item. Updating menus regularly to reflect seasonal or limited-time items will keep customers excited and wanting to come back again and again.

Branded Packaging

Couple eating at food truck

Utilize branded packaging for your food trays, cups, or to-go containers for additional brand recognition and marketing. This can be as simple as using the brand colors and logo or making the design of package functionality stand out. Since food truck dining is all about being mobile, it presents great opportunities for creative packaging. Branded packaging is also great for food photos that people post online and provides free marketing to you.

Signs and Banners

food truck at night

Make your name known! Signs and banners are great for displaying specials or other enticing information, such as unique food options. Consider an illuminated sign that can be hooked up to your truck if you set up shop before sunrise or at night. You might also want to consider wayfinding signs to direct people to your truck (if the area you are in allows it). The use of sidewalk displays and custom flags is a great way to attract potential customers.

Business Cards

Business cards aren’t just for corporate businesses. They can also be used to promote your food truck’s website, social media, or special offerings, such as catering. Your business cards should include the brand logo, contact information, social media handles, website, and a brief description of what the food truck offers. Business cards are perfect for handing out at local events, food festivals, or even to satisfied customers. A professional business card is especially valuable if you host a private party or event.

Promotional Flyers

Promotional flyers are effective in generating buzz and attracting new customers. Flyers should be colorful and informative highlighting the food truck's unique selling points, such as special offers, discounts, or upcoming events. They can be distributed at community centers, local businesses, and bulletin boards. Another option is to partner with a complementary business like a coffee shop or gym to reach a wider audience.

Promotional Items

People love free stuff! A freebie or gift makes customers feel valued. Promotional items are an easy and affordable way for businesses to showcase their identity and spread the word about their brand. Give out custom promotional items such as magnets or stickers at events to remind people of your truck and help generate buzz. Also, if people love your business or simply just like the design of the magnet or sticker, they will proudly display them on their personal items.

Custom Tents or Umbrellas

food truck

Custom branded tents or umbrellas are a great optional or additional setup for a food truck. Custom tents or umbrellas can provide more space for you to operate, or protect your customers from the elements. What better way to attract people to your truck when it’s raining than to provide shelter with your brand on it?

If you are a food truck owner, it’s time to refresh your print materials before the festival season is in full swing! Contact Omega today to get started.

Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Associate, Ava Hoch


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