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Encouraging Customer Loyalty Through Direct Mail

It may seem easy to attract new customers. However, it is key to not only attract new customers, but to maintain them, as well. Customer loyalty is crucial to a successful business. One strong way to encourage customer loyalty is through direct mail. Direct mail encourages customer retention by inspiring purchasers to come back and buy again. It is essential to maintain customer loyalty in order to gain the trust of your customers. Listed below are some simple ways to encourage long term customer loyalty through the use of direct mail.

Loyalty Postcards:

  • Send out postcards to existing customers

  • This encourages customer feedback and sparks response

  • Personalized postcards to tailor targeted customers are always a hit

Sales Promotions:

  • Send your most loyal customers sales promotions via direct mail

  • This let’s customers know you appreciate their loyalty to your business

  • It also encourages future purchases

Birthday Mail:

  • Send out postcards to customers on their birthday - offer a promotion or discount code

  • This let’s the customer know you are thinking about them & appreciate their loyalty

  • Include perks for use in future purchases

Milestone Mail:

  • Send mail to celebrate anniversaries and yearly memberships

  • This let’s customers know you value their continual support

  • It can be used as a reminder to customers of current in-store/online promos

Reaching out to your previous customers is a simple way to ensure their loyalty. Methods like sending birthday letters, or sales promotions to repeat customers will let them know you appreciate their purchases and feedback. Ensuring returning customers in order to establish credibility in your company is vital to a successful business. Direct mail is a simple and easy way to increase your customer retention and encourage long term customer loyalty, so take advantage of it! Print is not dead... use it as needed!




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