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Choosing the Right Substrates for Your Print Project

Paper, canvas, coroplast, foam core… which do I choose for my print project?

All substrates carry different benefits - It all depends on what audience you have and what kind of location you are looking to use. Keep in mind, choosing the right substrate could make or break your print project. Knowing which base is best to use for your project is vital in creating your print project to be as successful as possible!

Here are just a few examples we of substrates, pulled from the print pond, that could benefit you during your print project...

To start, let's go over the most basic and popular form, paper.

  • Paper is low cost and very versatile.

  • Comes in both coated, and uncoated for quality purposes.

  • Comes in different weights and thicknesses.

  • Thin paper is great for mailing coupons and flyers, while thicker paper is good for items like business cards.

Paper is typically a low cost option for print making it a great tool to use in your next print project!

Another great substrate to use in your own print project is foamcore. Foamcore is pretty much exactly what it sounds like…. A foam board!

  • Foam core is very lightweight, making it great for indoor use.

  • Can be used for large format printing and advertising.

  • Produces high quality pictures.

  • It is durable and flexible.

  • It’s cost effective!

One last substrate that is great to use for a print project is coroplast. And no, I am not referring to chloroplast, the plastid that is found in chlorophyll in green plants.

  • Coroplast is a plastic material substrate

  • Lightweight, waterproof, and durable.

  • Great for outdoor use.

  • Coroplast is a very versatile substrate.

  • CHEAP!

Choosing the right substrate could be very difficult. Do you want it inside or outside? Do you want it to be high quality? Are you mailing it? All of these choices can be hard. There are endless substrates in addition to the ones listed above, so learning about all the different types can really aid you in deciding which substrate will work best. Effective print advertising is key in any marketing campaign and choosing the right substrate is just the beginning!

Written by our Digital Marketing Intern, Dana Cuccio



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