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Benefits of Multimedia Marketing

Multimedia marketing is a form of marketing that utilizes and integrates multiple mediums, typically a mix of traditional media and digital media. These can include email, social media, promotional materials, direct mail, television, print materials, digital marketing services, etc. Combining different forms of media has been proven to reach a larger targeted audience and have better results than a single media approach.

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Traditional Media

  • Email: Email marketing can be used to send messages via email to prospective or return customers and clients. Email can also be used for newsletters, promotions, updates, and much more. It is best to send email marketing through an email marketing software, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendInBlue, SendX, or other platforms. These allow you to manage contacts and see how people engage with your emails. You should also send from an address with your company’s domain. For example,

  • Radio: Radio ads are still a trusty source for marketing, especially if your business is focused on local business. Depending on your product or service, radio could be extremely beneficial. Sounds are often very memorable and a great way to market.

  • Television: Using television as a marketing platform is often one of the more expensive mediums to utilize. However, it allows you to reach a large audience and can be targeted, based on the channels and time of day your advertising runs. Marketing on television can be a beneficial investment if your product or service has a visual element and you are able to create a high-quality production.

  • Print materials: Printed materials will always be needed, no matter how popular digital media becomes. The most beneficial print materials to use for multimedia marketing may include:

    • Promotional Materials - Print materials used for sales, giveaways, special events, etc.

      • Flyers, coupons, brochures, magnets, etc.

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Print Materials: Direct Mail (Business Mailer)

  • Direct Mail - Direct mail can be personalized to make customers feel valued and has been proven to have a higher engagement rate when compared to email marketing.

    • Mailers, flyers, brochures, invites, thank-you, postcards, etc.

  • Signage - Signage and displays are a necessity for all brick-and-mortar businesses and are useful for promoting other businesses as well.

    • POP displays, wayfinding signage, banners, company signs, etc.

Digital Media

  • SEO: SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic. This is important to have your website appear higher in the list of results when someone searches on Google, Bing, or another search engine.

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  • Social Media: As different online platforms are growing; they can be used to target an audience and promote products and services. It is important to understand what social media platforms your target audience is using. There is a very different demographic that uses Facebook vs. TikTok, which is becoming one of the most used social media platforms in the world.

  • Remarketing: Remarketing or retargeting is used to engage audiences who interacted with your brand in the past by using marketing tactics based on their consumer behavior. Retargeting can be done by upselling to existing customers, engaging with leads based on what they clicked in your marketing emails, or their behaviors on your website through tracking codes.

Multimedia Components

  • Text: Words used to communicate information. Font and color are important and should be consistent across platforms. It is important to maintain a “voice” and “personality” for the brand.

  • Graphics: Logos, visuals, and graphics are used to display a story or information via images. If the brand is higher end, the graphics used in marketing should convey this level of product or service.

  • Animation: Videos, GIFs, and graphics with movement are used to add animation to media. Many free or low-cost online tools allow non-designers to create animated media that looks professional.

  • Audio: Sounds and sound effects can accompany or enhance a visual aid. Sounds should fit the theme of the media and be on trend. While jingles have lost popularity in recent years, using a slogan, music, or other sounds that customers recognize and associate with the brand can help spark reactions.

  • Interactivity: A computer-based tool that allows users to interact with multimedia. This allows a two-way conversation or engagement between the brand and the customer and can lead to more information gathered for the brand.

The benefits of multimedia marketing are endless.

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Brand Recognition: Lawn Sign

Multimedia marketing has various benefits for a brand. It helps increase brand exposure and inbound traffic, improves SEO metrics and search engine ranking, and helps build better conversion rates and increased credibility. Using multiple media channels to market can help boost a brand locally, regionally, or even globally.

As a company that offers a product or service, multimedia marketing can help you engage with customers throughout the whole purchase journey. Brand recognition is acquired when a potential customer sees your company across multiple platforms and experiences recall. Multimedia marketing can help position a company to be the best solution for a potential customer.

There are many new multimedia marketing trends for enhancing a business:

  • Blogging: Writing and posting blog posts on your website can help boost SEO, build credibility, and raise brand awareness. It is important when creating blog posts to write engaging, useful content that potential customers may be looking for.

  • Podcasting: Podcasts have boomed since 2020, with more ways to create and post content online. Having a podcast allows a brand to discuss different topics in depth with its audience, engage with customers, and build credibility.

  • Live Video Webcasting: Many social media platforms allow for free live video webcasting and broadcasting. This can help increase social media traffic and viewers, and allows brands to engage with customers in real-time.

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Photo sharing on social media.
  • Photo/Video Sharing: Photo and video sharing is currently the most popular way to market a brand, product, or service. There are countless online platforms that allow for photo or video sharing at no cost. However, spending some ad dollars can exponentially increase the reach of content.

How to capitalize on multimedia marketing.

  • When implementing multimedia marketing, ensuring that it aligns with your marketing strategy is essential.

  • Set clear objectives to capitalize on initiatives and ensure that the tools used are all cohesive.

  • Once objectives are created, the right type of media use should be determined.

  • Customer wants, needs, interests, and emotions must be identified.

  • Visuals and branding should always stay consistent throughout all platforms.

  • Consistency showcases a clear message and strengthens brand recognition.

  • It is important to research, test, and adjust when using multimedia marketing.

Keeping an audience engaged.

If your audience isn’t engaging in your multimedia marketing and content creation it is not going to be beneficial for your business. It is important to track analytics and engagement. This can be done using CRM platforms, such as HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, or other online marketing services. Staying up to date by researching current marketing trends can help keep users engaged.

Create your brand presence across multiple platforms. At Omega High-Impact Print Solutions, in addition to our ability to print on nearly endless mediums, we provide services to help with your multimedia marketing.

Contact us to get started on your next project!

Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Intern, Ava Hoch.


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