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5 Ways to Stand Out at a Tradeshow or Conference

After spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars just to have a space at a tradeshow or conference, the last thing you want to do is walk away with no return on your investment because you were “just another face in the crowd.” Before committing yourself and your brand to a tradeshow or conference, make sure you have a plan in place to attract people to your space and walk away with new business leads.

One of the most important things you can do to attract people to your space is have an attractive, attention-grabbing, professional looking display. Tradeshows and conferences have so many events, people, and displays that vie for attention. The more you can do to stand out from the distractions, the more likely you are to have a successful show.

Here are five things that can help you can stand out at a tradeshow or conference and leave a positive impression:

Advanced Marketing

Depending on the tradeshow or conference, you may have an advanced list of attendees. You may also have an idea of who will be attending based on your knowledge of the industry and existing contacts.

Before the tradeshow or conference even starts, it is a good idea to start marketing to the people who may be attending. You can reach people through a combination of digital and print materials to let them know you will be there, where you will be located, and give them a teaser of what you will be showing. This will keep you in people’s minds as they plan their day(s) at the show or conference.

Identifiable Brand, Products and/or Services

Most tradeshows and conferences have guidelines for exhibitors. Make sure you know if there are any restrictions for displays, as well as what is included with your space. This will help you plan how you will display your signage and materials.

When planning your display, make sure your brand is easily seen and identifiable from a distance and from the directions people will be walking. Within the space, have your products or services cleanly displayed and labeled if necessary. Clutter or disorganization will leave visitors overwhelmed and likely to miss something you want them to see. Sometimes, less is more.

High-Quality Display

You can only make a first impression once. The quality of your display will be the first impression of you and your brand for many people. If you opt for lower quality, cheap display materials, the impression you leave on potential customers is that your brand provides lower quality products and services.

Think about the design of your display and, if having materials created, work with your vendor to know the various options and qualities you can choose from. The vendor should be an expert in the products and services they provide. They can help guide you to make the right decision based on your wants and budget, and may have examples of materials they have created for other customers that could help spark ideas.

Cool and Useful Giveaways

We have all walked away from events with bags full of giveaways, most of which get left in the bag or put in a drawer, never to be seen again. If you are spending money on giveaways, you want people to walk away with something that they like and will use or see for an extended time after the event.

The tradeshow or conference definitely determines what is appropriate, but what are some cool things that would make you want to grab a giveaway item? Also consider what you can put your logo, website, and contact information on. If someone walks away with an item, but is unable to remember who gave it to them, that kind of defeats the purpose.

Sales and Marketing Materials

Aside from fun giveaways that grab people’s attention, you also want to make sure people will walk away with materials that remind them of who you are and what you can offer. Sales and marketing materials also help drive the conversation while you have a person engaged.

Consider brochures, pamphlets, tip cards, business cards, and other printed items that someone can reference days or weeks after speaking with you. Make sure the information is conveyed in an easy-to-read format and you use images to supplement the information. Do not be afraid to get creative with the shapes, sizes, and materials you use. Something with a little “pizzazz” might help get your new lead to look at your materials.

Omega High-Impact Print Solutions

We offer countless print and design services that can help you stand out at a tradeshow or conference. From start to finish, our team can work with you to create, print, and distribute the materials that will drive traffic to your space and make a lasting impression. Contact us today to start your project!


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