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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Outdoor Signage

How many times have you entered a shop that you hadn’t originally planned on entering? Can you remember what exactly made you go in? Chances are you don’t quite recall. But think about this: would you have still entered if the store had no sign? Would you have even noticed it in the first place? On the flip side, how many businesses have you been made aware of thanks to outdoor advertising, without ever having seen the storefront itself? This is just one example of how powerful outdoor signage can be.

We see outdoor signage everywhere, every day, but we rarely think about how important it really is from a marketing standpoint. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of outdoor signage and why every business should incorporate outdoor signage into its marketing strategy.

1. Let Customers Know Where You Are

The chances that you would be able to locate a certain place of business, even if you were actively trying to, without outdoor signage would be next to impossible. Sure, you could peek inside a window and cross your fingers that you’re in the right place, but let’s be honest; who’s doing that? You probably wouldn’t even get out of the car to check, or just assume the place is out of business. Without outdoor signage lighting the way, your chance of attracting customers is abysmally low.

2. Generates Revenue

One of the superpowers of outdoor signage is its ability to influence impulse purchases. When you have enticing and impactful outdoor signage advertising your shop, passersby may become curious enough to check out your wares and make a purchase. This is especially true if your storefront happens to be in a shopping center or area with generally high foot traffic.

3. Nearly Endless Options

No business is one-size-fits-all, and luckily, outdoor signage isn’t either. Not only can you customize these marketing tools in just about any way you like, as far as branding, colors, and graphics go, but there are so many different kinds to choose from. Hanging signs are great if you are on a tighter budget and want flexibility, since these small, economically priced signs can be hung from doors, windows, walls, and other places. You may choose to go with wall signs to utilize the exterior of your shop to catch the eye of potential customers. Or, if you really want to go big and maximize your visibility, you can choose to go with high-rise or pylon signage. These are just a few of the options available.

4. Brand Awareness

Even when your outdoor signage isn’t luring customers to your store today, that doesn’t mean it won’t entice those same people tomorrow. This is thanks to the brand awareness that outdoor signage can generate. People are exposed to these signs all the time, whether they’re on bikes, driving, or just strolling by. These onlookers will regularly see your sign, and this exposure will ingrain your brand’s name, logo, image, or anything else they may connect with the location into their minds. Brand awareness is created by this ongoing relationship, and ensures they’ll remember you. When they’re in need of a product or service you offer, you will be the first business to come to mind.

5. Cost-effective

While you might not immediately assume this about outdoor signage, especially large format types, it is true that this marketing tool gives you more bang for your buck than most. As previously stated, outdoor signage can literally be the deciding factor in whether a single soul steps foot in your store. Boom. Value added. Outdoor signage is also quite durable since it is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring you’ll be able to use it for years to come. Boom. More value. Outdoor signage is truly a worthwhile investment that is sure to pay for itself in no time.

Outdoor signage can truly be deemed one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Not only can it mean the difference between getting noticed and going unseen, but it can also help your brand stick in people’s minds and ultimately boost your revenue to new heights. However, low-quality signage may only serve to drive customers in the opposite direction, so you should make sure you work with a trusted printer like Omega. Want to make sure your outdoor signage is up to snuff? Check out the link here to see some of our previous work and submit an estimate request!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Steel


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