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Why Healthcare industries should use Print Marketing Materials in 2021

Healthcare is a very competitive industry with an ever-evolving landscape. Innovative medical marvels, advanced machinery and modern medicine all make it that much more difficult for healthcare industries to stand out amongst the crowds. Hence why marketing for Healthcare is so crucial.

Print marketing materials allow the healthcare industry to improve credibility and return on investment. Print also provides the ability to grab consumers' attention, entice action, or reach more potential patients. In the end, investing in print will differentiate between who is a trusted industry leader and who is not.

Print Improves the Credibility of Healthcare Services, Engages Emotions and Entices Consumers to take Action

Just about any business can advertise their brand digitally - Social media platforms and Google have made this effortless. Investing in print takes more time and effort to reach a consumer - and it’s worth it! Print comes in many mediums. Banners, vehicle wraps, publications, business cards, direct mail, floor graphics and magazine ads are ways audiences pick trustworthy healthcare businesses over non-trustworthy ones. Consumers, above all, want to see a business invest in themselves. By doing so, healthcare businesses’ return on investment will increase.

Print provides the benefits of being tangible while also providing an emotional experience for consumers. Marketing Sherpa published a study where the most trusted form of advertising was Print (Magazine & Newspaper) at 82%. It further went on to outline that only 25% of Americans trust online pop ups. Daniele Burnstein, the marketing researcher also stated “print’s scarcity and standards make it more credible. While that online pop-up is annoying in and of itself, when it’s popping up over low-value online content, it becomes even less trusted.” Read the entire article, here.

Scale the internet or read any print-related blog to find similar findings across numerous studies. The research will continue to define print to be stimulating mentally and hold the attention of viewers more so than digital formats. Viewers take time to read. see and feel every detail, which is crucial for Healthcare Providers.

We encourage Healthcare companies to not only invest in print, but digital as well. All individuals need healthcare, but not all individuals browse the web. By only focusing on digital platforms, a business is losing the audience that does not interact digitally and that's detrimental to brand exposure and reach. By choosing proper placement of both digital and print, a business is able to service each generation respectfully.

Be mindful of what you are investing in. Imagery and substrates that are going to be used, must be of the highest quality in order to be enticing to patients. To see examples of our high quality print materials, click here. We are Omega High Impact Print Solutions. With over 70 years in the business, we know a thing or two about printing and manufacturing!

Written By: Danielle Elia, Digital Marketing Strategist for Omega High Impact Print Solutions


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