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The Importance of Plan-o-grams

If you run a brick and mortar business, chances are you have heard the term “Plan-o-gram” before. This refers to the strategic planning of a store’s layout. Plan-o-grams are, in general, a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves, as well as the configuration and arrangement of the store as a whole. But why is this so important?

The main purpose of Plan-o-grams is to maximize sales by providing customers with an efficient shopping experience. This is true for any store, no matter the size or space available. Of course, smaller shops often develop these layouts with the purpose of maximizing their space, so as to not make shoppers feel overwhelmed and closed in. While larger locations aim to maximize their space as well, they also often use Plan-o-grams in their merchandising plans that create consistency between store locations, improve visual appeal, and promote the purchase of complementary products.

These layout plans are also very useful when it comes to product placement. Retailers often refer to planograms to help with product placement to determine shelf heights and the number of rows will feature a particular good. Shelf heights partially depend on the product sizes, but they're also modified to keep items within hands’ reach. High-selling products are also generally kept at eye-level to make them easier for shoppers to see.

These diagrams are also useful to suppliers, since they can refer to them in order to show the amount of space they want retailers to allot to various brands based on their demand and sales figures. What’s more, it is also much easier to take inventory and restock items based on how much of a certain product should be showcased in a specific area.

Finally, Plan-o-grams have the power to influence buying decisions. For example, a consumer who can't locate their favorite brand at a store will often purchase a substitute product that’s a better value instead of forgoing the purchase altogether. This is because good planograms place competing products near each other in a given display. Additional sales may result from appealing planogram displays that move shoppers to make unplanned purchases when they like the way displayed items look, smell or operate.

All in all, Plan-o-grams act as a great tool to subliminally influence sales. From optimizing the consumers shopping experience through layout design and convenient product placement, aiding suppliers and retailers behind the scenes, and subtly guiding purchasing decisions, these store plans are a powerhouse merchandising tool. Every physical store location can benefit from designing such a model for themselves, as the benefits go on and on. If you haven’t already, optimize your business with your own Plan-o-gram, today!

Written by: Omega High Impact Print Solutions' Digital Marketing Specialist, Emily Steel


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