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Boost Your Booth: Trade Show & Expo Booth Tips

Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks booth at the Saltwater Fishing Expo in Edison, NJ printed by Omega High Impact Print Solutions.
Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a fantastic way to exhibit your products or services, generate leads, and network with other professionals in your industry. Nevertheless, with so many companies competing for attention at these events, it is important to make sure your booth stands out from the rows of “cookie-cutter” displays. Here are some tips on how to have the best trade show booth:

Tell your brand's story.

Unleash your creativity when designing your booth! Envision your company’s mission, values, and services and integrate them into your booth and displays. Crafting a captivating exhibit that effectively conveys your story will undoubtedly increase foot traffic. Incorporate vivid colors and strategic lighting to help attract attention. If the space allows, spotlights, accent lighting, or ambient lighting can be used to add dimension and dramatic effect. Aim for simplicity and clarity, ensuring that your booth is visually engaging, rather than text-heavy.

Make everything look clean-cut! Avoid cluttering your booth with too many products or messages. Focus on showcasing your most important attributes. Make sure the sizing for all booth materials and displays are correct and work for various types of event spaces. The typical trade show booth size is 10’x10’. For a larger show, a custom structure is a great addition. It is vital to create a memorable brand experience that will make attendees want to stop and stay at your booth.

Use signage and displays to your advantage.

A trade show booth.
The Brodie Fund Expo Booth

There are nearly endless creative signage and display options for a trade show booth.

Posters and banners are great attention-grabbers, but make sure they are large enough to be seen from a distance.

It is important to optimize space when exhibiting at a trade show. POP displays are perfect for showcasing products in smaller spaces, since they can convey a message and are built to maximize space usage.

Step-and-repeat banners are convenient for travel and easy setup, and provide a place to display branding, products, and messages. They also can provide a backdrop for photos.

Easels and tabletop signage are great options to display information such as company name, services, pricing, etc. Make sure you only use high quality graphics, to look professional and avoid conveying a cheap product or service. Adding a QR code to signage or displays can help direct attendees to an online landing page.

Have printed marketing materials on hand.

Custom business cards

Trade shows can be overwhelming for attendees, as they see hundreds of brands and meet hundreds of people. It

is always a good idea to leave your booth visitors with something to remember you days or weeks after the show. Provide attendees with tangible informational and exciting marketing materials to take away from the show and reference at a later time.

Business cards are the obvious and classic networking tool that provides a quick way to exchange contact information with a potential customer or partner. Business cards should include your name, title, company name, logo, and contact information.

Flyers are an awesome way to promote your brand. They can promote a specific product, or service, or even include a promotion. Similar to flyers, brochures are also an effective way to provide more detailed information for attendees to read after the show. Brochures should be concise and visually appealing with clear calls to action.

Some businesses may want to have printed business forms at their booth including order forms, contact forms, or surveys. These forms are the perfect way to collect information and follow up with attendees after the show.

Offer something unique and exciting.

Promotional print prodcuts

Offer something to attendees that give them an enhanced reason to stop by. This could be a free sample, giveaway, promotional product, special discount, product demonstration, or interactive activity that ties into your brand. Have on-hand promotional items, such as branded pens, notepads, or t-shirts, which can all be effective at driving traffic to your booth at trade shows. Promotional items also serve as a reminder of your brand after the trade show is over. It is important to make sure that all activities and promotional items are consistent with your brand’s image and beliefs.

Don’t be afraid to invest in your trade show booth. Having a custom booth will give you a one-of-a-kind layout that attracts attention. The goal of going to a trade show is to stimulate conversation and create brand awareness. Never underestimate the power of a tangible product and interactive activity to spark engagement. Boots-on-the-ground marketing and exhibiting at trade shows will bring success and momentum to your business!

Boost your booth by contacting Omega today.

Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Associate, Ava Hoch.


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