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Best Practices for Creating an Effective Window Cling

Window clings, also known as window decals or stickers, can be used as a marketing tactic or to simply add appealing visuals to a window. Window clings can enhance the appearance of a building and build curiosity for businesses, offices, or even homes. They can be used to take up entire window space or can be a small decal that provides information or promotions, such as a logo, hours of operation, or seasonal sales.

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Community Dental Window Cling


To create effective window clings a well-thought and detailed plan should be constructed.

1. Objective- The most important detail when planning, is the objective. Having a clear objective or motive will allow for an optimized result. What do you hope for the window cling to accomplish?

2. Target audience- If you are using window clings as a marketing tactic, defining and analyzing your target audience is a must. Whom do you want to react to the window cling?

3. Location- It is important to be intentional with window cling locations. It should be easily visible and a main focal point. Where is the window cling going to get the most views?

4. Measurements- Measuring the size of the window (including trim) is needed to have an accurate fit and high-quality graphics. These measurements will be used throughout the design process.

5. Quantity- It is important to know how many window clings are needed. Will it be a full window decal or multiple decals?

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Pulia Ristorante Window Cling

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Wawa "Come On In" Window Cling


The overall look, aesthetic, and design of a window cling are essential. The design process allows creativity to shine through. Free downloadable window cling templates are available online so that you can explore design ideas. However, make sure when using a commercial printer to work closely with their designers to ensure you are working within their parameters.

1. Content- Deciding on the content used for the window cling can be tricky. It is important to have a list of what you want the cling to convey. Is it just text or an image, or is it both? Sometimes a simple look is better and better conveys the message. Other times a more creative visual will make a bigger impact.

2. Colors- Make sure that you factor the color of your windows into making the decision of the colors used on your window cling. Most windows are tinted dark gray or black. So, light colors such as white, yellow, or beige will stand out the best.

3. Fonts- Choosing a font that is easy to read is important. Common fonts used for window clings are sans serif and bold, such as Avenir, Futura, Helvetica, and Verdana, just to name a few. Intricate fonts may be tougher to read. You should also make sure the font size is large enough to see from far away if you want passersby to read the information.

4. Size- Taking correct measurements in the planning process is vital as it will be a huge factor when deciding on sizing and design. There is no standard size for a window cling as they follow the size of any window. They can be customized to practically any size.

5. Shape- Window clings can be cut to any desired shape. So, there is no need to limit a design to a square or rectangle. If working with an oddly shaped window, you can follow the shape of the edges. But make sure your measurements are correct!

6. Substrate- Substrates used for window clings are die-cut stickers, clear stickers, and vinyl lettering stickers. The most common and durable are vinyl window clings. If designing with a transparent sticker, make sure to consider how the design will look if there is light shining through, versus dark.

7. Text- The text on window clings should be concise and appropriate. Text is not required on window clings but is highly recommended.

8. Imagery- Window clings do not have to be text-only. Imagery such as graphics and logos can be added to enhance window clings and tend to get a better response.

9. Finish- Window clings can have finishes added to make the window cling transparent, opaque, or perforated. Ask your printer what options they have available and what makes the most sense for your application.

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Hilton Club Window Cling

Benefits and effectiveness of a window cling:

Adding window clings to a building are beneficial for multiple reasons. They are cost-effective, can enhance appearance, increase visibility, build brand or product awareness, help expand your audience, and have longevity. Window clings can also be considered to add privacy, rather than closing less flattering shades or blinds. If you need to update your window clings for promotions or new information, they are easily replaceable.

Utilizing window clings can be an effective, eye-catching, and memorable marketing tactic. Contact our team of expert designers and installers for help on your next window cling project!

Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Associate, Ava Hoch.


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