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Print Marketing for Real Estate

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There is no denying the necessity of print marketing materials in real estate. In today's competitive real estate market, realtors must do everything in their power to gain an advantage. Developing a strong and recognizable presence with print marketing throughout the community will take someone in real estate to the next level. Since Spring is when a lot of houses hit the market, realtors need to be on top of their marketing efforts!

Here are five important reasons that real estate agents and agencies should utilize print marketing: it is tangible, targeted, professional, cost-effective, and customizable.

1. Tangible: Marketing in real estate should always be relatable, emotional, and connecting. Purchasing real estate is a large commitment for most people. One of the most significant advantages of print marketing is its tangibility. Unlike digital marketing, print marketing materials can physically sit on a client's desk or coffee table, keeping your business top of mind.

2. Targeted: Print marketing can be just as targeted, if not more than digital marketing, despite what you might think. Sending postcards or flyers to specific geographic locations or demographics can gain successful results. This is especially useful for real estate agents or agencies that specialize in a particular niche or market.

3. Professional: A well-designed print project can convey a sense of expertise or authority, which can help make an agent or agency look more professional, trustworthy, and established. Adding different finishes or design elements can also make the print look more luxurious, if that is the target client.

4. Cost-effective: Especially when printing in bulk, print marketing can be a cost-effective marketing and sales tool. By targeting specific demographics or areas, you can avoid marketing to people who are unlikely to buy or sell, which helps to save money.

5. Customizable: Print marketing offers a variety of options to choose from including substrates, finishes, design elements, sizes, personalization, etc.

Types of Print Marketing Materials in Real Estate

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There are several types of print marketing materials that are commonly used in real estate, including:

Books: Books, booklets, and catalogs are all perfect print marketing materials for real estate. Types of printed real estate books include home selling guides, home buyer guides, listing portfolios, welcome booklets, open house schedules, etc.

Business cards: It’s a no-brainer, all realtors should have business cards! Business cards give clients or potential buyers the contact information they need. Handing out business cards builds meaningful connections and boosts sales.

Brochures: Brochures are a great way to showcase a property in detail, including photos, floor plans, and other important features. They can be handed out to potential buyers at open houses or mailed directly to interested parties. Direct mail has a high response rate and can increase ROI by up to 43%

Flyers: Flyers are a more condensed version of a brochure, typically with just a few key features highlighted. They can be distributed in high-traffic areas or posted in public places like restaurants or community centers.

Postcards: Postcards can be used to promote a specific property or to announce an upcoming open house. They are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and can be mailed directly to targeted demographics, neighborhoods, or ZIP codes using variable data printing.

Rack cards: Pocket-sized promotion. Rack cards are a compact and powerful way to share a condensed list of details and grab the attention of a prospect.

Retractable banners: Unroll the banner and clients will roll on in. Pre-assembled banners are great to showcase information about an agency, agent, or property. Retractable banners have single or double-sided printing options.

Yard signs: Yard signs are a must-have for any real estate agent, as they advertise the property to passersby and let people know that it's for sale. They can be customized with the agent's contact information and any special features of the property. To go the extra mile, installing a brochure box on the yard sign frame for the passersby wanting more information is a great idea.

Newsletters: Real estate newsletters can be used to keep clients and potential buyers informed about the local market, upcoming events, and new listings, as well as general real estate news.

Each agency or agent may have their own unique approach and may use different print materials depending on their target audience and the specific properties they are promoting. Print marketing has more influence on buying decisions compared to digital marketing. A successful print marketing campaign should drive interest in your newest listings which leads to new clients and sales. Utilizing a combination of the listed print marketing materials will help elevate sales.

How to Make the Most of Print Marketing in Real Estate

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1. Define Your Target Audience: Determine the niche and demographic of your target audience. Once this has been decided, tailor your print marketing materials to their specific needs and interests. Knowing the specific demographic will help save time and money.

2. Use High-Quality Imagery: It is important to use high-quality images and graphics that showcase your property and services. Quality adds credibility.

3. Use Attention-Grabbers: Take advantage of headlines and graphics to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to learn more.

4. Keep It Short & Simple: Avoid overwhelming your targeted audience. Use enticing descriptive adjectives. Do not include too much information, keep the message and overall design clear and concise.

5. Include a CTA: Including call-to-actions helps tell the reader what to do next, such as visiting your website, reserving a spot, purchasing an item, or contacting you for more information.

Successful real estate marketing requires a balanced blend of digital and print marketing. Both have benefits, but there is something so special about the tangible nature of print. Adding a QR code or website landing page to printed marketing materials will help drive traffic to your digital platform. Print marketing is still (and will ALWAYS be) an effective way to reach potential buyers and stand out in a crowded market.

Contact Omega today to make the most of your real estate print marketing!

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Written by Omega High-Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Associate, Ava Hoch.


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