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How Design Capabilities Can Amplify Print Marketing

Every business consists of a unique story and offering. Visuals and design are vital and allow for consumers to identify a company. Branding is what people think about when they think of your company, your products and your services. This includes visual identity such as the logo, color choices and typography. These visuals can be achieved through graphic design and implementing it into print, as well as across all other marketing channels. Read below to learn more about how design capabilities can amplify your company’s print marketing strategy!


If your business sells tangible products, then you must ship or carry the product in a package. This packaging should always encompass your brand and create a connection between the consumer and business. Apart from the actual box or container, packaging can also include customized tissue paper, stickers and labels. The package should include your company’s color palette and fonts. Additionally, it can contain the business’s website, social media handles and QR codes. This can create a unique customer experience and allow for the individual to remember your brand.


Large wall decals, window clings, banners and even floor decals are all forms of signage. It can provide directions to consumers and simply identify a company, product or service. Incorporating design into signage is vital, so consumers can recognize a company. Signage typically include your logo, colors and typography. It’s recommended to include signage in your company’s headquarters, franchisees and in public areas.


Promoting a company, a specific product or service, a campaign, or discounts are all examples of advertising. These ads can be interactive, funny or informational. When curating an ad, incorporating designs such as the company’s logo, colors, font and images are essential in identifying a company. This allows for a client or a future customer to easily recognize and pinpoint what company is marketing to them. Before the design of an ad is created, a graphic designer will take information such as the needs of a customer, the intended message they want to portray, and appeal to customers. An online or offline advertisement must consist of the visuals of the brand to influence a purchase.


The biggest thing about branding is how people perceive a company’s image and what makes it memorable. This is when first impressions matter. Graphic design plays a large role in how a company can properly brand themselves. Branding comprises the name of the corporation, design, symbols and other features that differentiate them from competition. This can establish trust, identity and value in the market. A company can incorporate their brand on packaging, print collateral, and advertisements by adding their logo and contact information. Branding allows businesses to stand out and entice new consumers.

Design is important to communicate visually to a broad audience. Every company has a visual identity that can be incorporated into print collateral. This identity consists of the images, logo, symbols, color palette, and typography. The design of a company includes the branding and can be integrated into packaging, signage and advertisements. It’s vital for the design of business to be eye-catching to stand out amongst competition, to increase sales and create awareness.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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