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Different Machines for Different Purposes

Printing companies provide services and solutions of varying levels, depending on the specs of the job at hand. These jobs could range from a marketing campaign, to large signage, direct mail, or promotional products. The expectations of a project vary from one to the next. Oftentimes, different jobs demand a mix of machines, substrates, paper stocks, inks, etc. All of this equipment is what makes printing possible! Whatever the case may be, Omega High Impact Print Solutions is equipped with a diverse fleet of machinery to complete any job thrown our way.

Offset Printing Equipment

One of the most popular commercial printing methods, offset lithography, is when an inked image on a plate is printed on a rubber cylinder then transferred to paper. It is called “offset” since the image does not go directly on the paper or material, but rather transferred to another surface. This technique produces high quality, color rich images with fine details and sharp typefaces. Offset is best used for larger jobs as it costs less per piece.


The main offset printer Omega uses is the Heidelberg CD 74 5-color Printing Press. This state-of-the-art, technologically savvy machine obtains a tower coater and is computer controlled. It is fast, reliable, and produces professional print quality. It can print up to 18,000 sheets per hour and is a cost effective method.

Digital Printing Equipment

Digital printing is another method of printing that transfers digitally-based images directly to a variety of media substrates. Since this is completed digitally, there is no need for printing plates. Digital printing can be customized, and if there is an error, the file can be easily modified. This technique is best used for smaller print runs, for a lower cost per unit. Below are the main digital equipment Omega uses.


One of the main digital printers Omega operates in house is the Vutek H5 120” Digital LED Press. This machine can print roll to roll on substrates up to two inches thick. This machine is built for large format jobs such as posters and banners. A highly productive machine, it can print up to nine layers in a single pass and can print 109 boards in an hour. Since the Vutek can print speciality media, projects are high-quality with detailed text.


The AccurioJet KM-1 digital printer is a full color sheet fed LED UV InkJet press. The KM-1 has the capability to produce Variable data printing (VDP), which allows for the personalization of each printed piece in a single run. VDP can be incorporated in campaigns, to customize elements such as names. This digital printer completes professional pieces in a fast turnaround time. Images are high quality and efficiently printed.


While not a printer, the Zund High Performance G3 3-XL1600 Digital Router/Cutter is the large format cutter Omega uses in house. A high performing and precise cutter, the Zund is flexible and efficient. This user-friendly digital cutter can produce small and large runs. Due to its modular design, it only requires a few, quick steps to operate. Jobs are consistently cut at the highest quality due to the precision of the blades. It remains a staple in our facility!

Finishing and Bindery Equipment

The last stages of completing a project are finishing and bindery, where jobs are handled post printing. Bindery includes the process of binding or fastening individual sheets together. Different bounds include saddle stitch, sewn, comb or spiral. Finishing involves additional decorative touches to finalize the project, such as stamping, embossing, or laminating. Below are a few bindery and finishing machines Omega operates in house.

Laminating Machine

There are many finishing equipment Omega operates in house to ensure the finalized project is completed. One of the most popular machines we use is the Seal 65 Pro MD Laminator. Like the name says, this machine laminates large and small print collateral in our facility. It operates on precise rollers to ensure smooth, wrinkle-free graphics. It can run 15 feet per minute, making it fast and time efficient.

Shrink Wrapper

Shrink wrapping is essential for applying a film over packages, prior to shipping, to ensure protection of the products. The machine Omega High Impact Print Solutions uses is the Opti 4500 Hi Speed Automated Shrink Wrap System. This includes an automatic feeding system, error detection, and a fast tunnel speed. We use the shrink wrapper for a wide variety of print collateral projects.

These different printing machines are, in part, what makes Omega’s operations possible. Although not all are mentioned here, every piece of equipment we have, holds a purpose. For a full look at our production fleet, head over to our home page & click the capabilities tab! Interested in learning more? Click here to contact us, today!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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