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Commercial Print Stands out in a Digital World

At some point today, you are most likely going to scroll through a social media news feed. During that time, have you ever considered how many social media advertisements you are actually scrolling past? Can you accurately describe any of the social media advertisements that might have caught your attention? Probably not. There are apparent disadvantages to digital advertisements that businesses should consider!

Disadvantages of Digital Advertisements

  • Increase price competition

  • High maintenance keep-up

  • Security, privacy issues

  • Technology dependence

  • Over-saturated competition due to globalized market share

Aside from the above information, we strongly support businesses having a social presence! Especially with businesses adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, commercial businesses need to understand that print and digital advertisements work best, when integrated, to build a business up!

Print and Digital: A two way street

It's in the fine print. Research shows that print advertisements are a tried-and-true form of advertising. There are many ways a company can integrate them together to maximize their reach, engagement and recognition. Here are a few tactics you can try:

  • Provide digital opt-in forms to sign up for print materials

  • QR Codes on Printed Advertisements

  • Online Reviews showcased in Print: “Social Proof”

  • Campaign Hashtags on Printed Materials

  • Call to actions

  • Variable Data Printing

  • Create in-store displays fit for social media shares

When combining Digital and Print to create an integrated marketing campaign, remember that there are guidelines to follow for it to be effective! The branding, messaging and graphics NEED to be aligned, so consumers are able to identify your business and navigate smoothly through the purchasing funnel. If you want to look further into how creative you can get with print advertisements, hubspot highlights 17 unique print ads that leave lasting impressions on their consumer!

Starting your commercial Print Journey: Let’s Get Visual!

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re hooked on print-just like us! The next step in your print journey would be to inquire about a commercial printing company that aligns with your business needs. At Omega, we specialize in all things print! From fabrication of all sizes to fulfillment needs and distribution - we have over 70 years of experience in providing print solutions for small-commercial size businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more about printing, you should dive into one of our recent blogs! We stay up-to-date on all the latest print, digital and marketing trends!

We know a thing or two about printing & manufacturing. Let’s Get Visual… contact us, today!

Written by our Digital Marketing Strategist, Danielle Elia


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