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How to Use Templates in CapCut

By Gracie Steel, Digital Marketing Assistant at Omega High-Impact Print Solutions

Video editing is an essential skill for those looking to make an impact in the world of content creation. CapCut, as we covered many times before, is a free video-editing and image design software with a versatile and user-friendly interface. Within this platform is a templates feature, which allows you to enhance the visual appeal of your content. In this blog post, we will teach you how to use CapCut templates so you can spend less time figuring out intricate effects or edits, and more time producing engaging TikToks, entertaining YouTube videos, or shareable Instagram content.

A magnifying glass zooming in on a CapCut logo on desktop.

Let's begin!

Step 1

Open CAPCUT on your desktop or mobile device. Next, select TEMPLATES.

Selecting the template feature on CapCut.

Step 2

Filter through templates using the categories in the sidebar. Or, use the search bar to find a specfic template. Once you've found a template that aligns with your video's style and purpose, drag your template to the editing timeline.

Searching through CapCut's template collection.

Step 3

Sometimes CapCut templates include a green screen, but don't actually isolate the subject. If this happens to you, simply go to VIDEO > CUTOUT> AUTO CUTOUT. Doing this will remove the background from the subject of your CapCut template.

Removing the background for a CapCut template.

Step 4

Now you can adjust the placeholder background, and add or modify text, fonts, and colors to your liking.

Adjusting the placeholder background, and adding or modifying text, fonts, and colors to fit the style and purpose of the video.

And just like that, you've created a video using CapCut templates! We recommend exploring other CapCut features and experiementing with a variety of templates so you can stay on the forefront of video editing innovation. Be sure to stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and tutorials designed to polish your skills in the everchanging world of content creation!


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