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The Importance of Print Packaging

At one time or another, a consumer has backpedaled an aisle to simply look at a product that might have caught-the-eye. Despite not knowing what the product was, the design of the packaging did exactly what it was intended to do; grab the consumer's attention.

Consumers care about first impressions, even though they try their best to not judge based off of appearance. Especially in the world of today, where the packaging matters just as much, if not more, than the actual product itself. Investing in good print packaging is one of the most important aspects of a business's brand. Below are reasons why good print packaging matters and how it impacts buyers.

The Function of Product Packaging

Protects the product

Protecting the product is the most obvious function, but sometimes the most over looked. Print Packaging's main purpose is to protect the product that resides inside. The product must stay secure between shipment and must withstand any damage it may encounter. If a product's packaging fails, the damaged product can not be displayed nor sold; and that is loss in revenue. Businesses will invest in security, such as a seal or locking mechanism, to safely enclose the product. This prioritizes the protection from it's initial shipment, all the way to the buyers possession. From the consumer's standpoint, expectations of the product to be fully intact and properly function are high. And, any tampered packaging will turn-off the buyer from trusting the brand and or products.

Differentiates the product from competition

It's no surprise that there are new products being features on shelves everyday. And products that are similar are often paired together for ease of shopping. Therefore, the need to differentiate the product is extremely important. Thought-out packaging design is the key to successfully separating a product from the group. Designs should be bold with numerous colors, eye-catching fonts and a brand guideline to easily help set the product apart. Such innovation, like eco-friendly packaging, or clear packaging, will aid in differentiation.

Promotes the product and brand

Besides the packaging being a safety net for the product, it is also prime real-estate for marketing. The product's packaging should promote and showcase the product/brand it represents. Displaying important information that the consumer would benefit from, like ingredients, directions, or about section; helps manage buyer's expectations and will result in higher customer satisfaction. When a consumer better understands what solution the product will solve, it will lead to the buyer being happier with their purchase.

On the other hand, allowing the product to 'speak-for-itself' is sometimes enough alone. As stated earlier, eco packaging or clear packaging allows the customer to properly view the what they are purchasing. This can also result in a higher chance of purchase and customer approval.

Attracts buyers

The product is the solution to your target customers needs and wants, which makes the importance of product packaging more crucial. The goal of all business is to create life long customers. Since a first impression is dire, choosing a style that appeals to the target consumer groups will encourage them to invest in the product the company is selling. Remember, the packaging is a reflection of what is within. Typically, the wants and needs of buyers are researched before a product launch to ensure targeting is on point.

Why does Print Packaging Matter?

As stated earlier in this post, the packaging is not just a function print tool, but a practical one. The product's brand identity needs to be reflected through proper packaging design. Lastly, good design not only has to look good-but answer a few questions...

  • What is the use of the product?

  • who will the product be created for?

  • How can a consumer find more about the product's brand?

  • How will the product improve the consumer's life?

  • What benefit does the consumer get from choosing this product?

How to Create Proper Print Packaging for a Business?

It's simple- Our team of professional graphic designers can craft a print packaging design that creates an impeccable first impression and bond from your customers, so they keep coming back for more. Getting Print packaging designs have never been easier when you choose to partner with Omega High Impact Print Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our printing solutions for all types of businesses.

Written By: Danielle Elia, Digital Marketing Strategist for Omega High Impact Print Solutions.


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