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Questions to Consider When Building a Website

Website Design Layout

Building a website can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to web development. There are many factors to consider, from design to functionality to user experience. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key questions to consider when building a website.

1. What is the purpose of the website?

Before you start building a website, it is important to determine its purpose. Is it an e-commerce site, a blog, a portfolio, or a corporate website? The purpose of the website will influence the design, functionality, and content. Websites that are attempting to generate sales online will have different layouts and calls to action compared to websites that are used solely to showcase a brand, products, or services.

2. Who is the target audience?
Target Demographic

Knowing your target audience is crucial to the success of your website. Are you targeting a specific demographic or a general audience? Will visitors be familiar with your brand or will the website be an introduction for most visitors? Are visitors web savvy or do they need to be guided through the web experience. Understanding your audience will help you design a website that meets their needs and preferences.

3. What content will the website have?

Content is the heart of any website. What type of content will your website have? Will it be mainly text-based or visual? Will it be static or dynamic? The type of content will determine the structure of the website and its functionality.

4. What design elements are important?
E-Commerce Website

The design of your website is critical to its success, not only for the experience, but for search engines finding it as well. What design elements are important to you and your target audience? Do you want a minimalist design or something more elaborate? Do you want a specific color scheme or font type?

5. What features and functionality do you need?

The features and functionality of a website will depend on its purpose and the needs of the target audience. Do you need an e-commerce platform, a blog, or a forum? What about social media integration, a contact form, or a newsletter signup? Make a list of the features and functionality you need and prioritize them accordingly.

6. What platform and technology should you use?

There are many platforms and technologies to choose from when building a website. Should you use a CMS like WordPress or a website builder like Wix? What about programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Consider your technical skills and the complexity of the website when making this decision. Platforms like WordPress and Wix provide free or purchased templates that are coded to make the building process easy and function properly.

7. How will you promote and maintain the website?

Building a website is only the first step. You also need to promote and maintain it. How will you drive traffic to the website? Will you use SEO, social media, and/or paid advertising? How will you maintain and update the website? Will you do it yourself or hire a web developer?

In conclusion, building a website requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. By asking these questions and taking the time to think through your options, you can create a website that meets your needs and the needs of your target audience.

Omega provides website building and management services for clients both small and large. Contact our team to discuss the options that make the most sense for you and your website.


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