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  • Ava Hoch | Omega's Marketing Associate

POP Displays as an Effective Marketing Tool

POP displays, also known as Point-Of-Purchase displays, are a marketing tactic used to promote specific products and special offers. The three main goals of POP displays are to educate, inform, and persuade. According to an Arbitron Retail study, in-store POP signage had a 59% increase in influence on purchases as opposed to no signage.

POP signage drives customer purchases and increases profit by highlighting sales and promotions at the point where customers are making purchasing decisions. POP displays are low-cost and can be more affordable for retail outlets compared to permanent signage.

Since they are temporary, the displays can be changed to refresh the sales floor or to keep up with trends. Using POP displays for new or limited-time items is important because it gives extra visibility to products that you may want to get off the shelves to make room for new inventory, or popular products, or products that yield higher profit.

POP signage encourages impulse sales, which is why you often find POP displays near cash registers and store entrance/exit areas.