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Optimize Your Pins on Pinterest Using Keywords

By Gracie Steel, Digital Marketing Assistant at Omega High Impact Print Solutions.

Pinterest is a leading social media platform for business growth. This is because it’s more like a search engine, so high-quality pins consistently resurface instead of getting a first-class ticket to the content graveyard. That’s why it’s imperative to streamline your Pinterest SEO strategy. Optimizing pins with keywords is one effective way to ensure your content is appearing in the search results of your target audience. In this blog post, we will show you how to create pins with relevant keywords so you can increase traffic to your page, drive sales, and expand your community.

Pinterest app on phone resting on top of a Macbook.

Let's get started!

Step 1

Be sure to include your SEO keywords in the title of your pin. You can enter up to 100 characters for your title, but only the first 30 characters will appear in user feeds. Design your title in a way that gives context to your image. (Bonus tip: Consider including keywords on the text overlay of your image. This is not confirmed to affect Pinterest's algorithm, but it sure will capture the attention of users).

Entering title for a pin.

Step 2

The next place to include keywords is in your pin’s description. You may use up to 500 characters for your pin’s copy, but keep in mind that only 50-60 characters will be visible to users. Make sure to add any pertinent information here.

Entering description for a pin.

Step 3

Another subtle yet effective keyword tactic is to customize the destination URL. This will further inform Pinterest to whom to show your pins. We recommend a URL shortener and link management platform like Bitly. Customize your backlink with even more keywords.

Adding destination URL with customized backlink for a pin.

Step 4

This step is completely optional. If you’re not sure about what target keywords to add to your pin, there is a simple solution to find inspiration. Simply go to the search bar on your Pinterest homepage and type in a general term related to your pin. The app will show you a selection of recommended keywords sorted by popularity.

Finding keyword inspiration to refine Pinterest SEO strategy.

By following the steps outlined above, you can unlock the full potential of your Pinterest presence like never before. Start experimenting with keywords, analyzing KPIs, and refining your SEO strategy. Happy pinning, and may your boards be full of success!


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