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How to Add Alt Text on Instagram

By Ava Hoch, Marketing Associate at Omega High Impact Print Solutions

Alt text serves a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and optimizing SEO. It enables screen readers to articulate image descriptions to users with visual impairments and facilitates content discovery by search engines and search features, based on the provided description.

Alt text may appear in situations where an image loads slowly, when using a browser catering to the visually impaired, or when utilizing a screen reader to provide image descriptions. Instagram automatically generates alt text for your posts; however, it frequently falls short of conveying the complete context and description of the image within a post. You have the option to craft your own alt text to provide a more precise and comprehensive description of your photo.

On Instagram, the goal of alt text is to provide a precise description of the image you're sharing. Optimal alt text should encapsulate both the image's context and its specific description, ensuring accuracy.


Let's get started!

How to add alt text when posting an Instagram photo:

Step 1

Begin by creating a new post on Instagram. Once you've captured or selected your photo and completed all desired edits, proceed by tapping "Next." Next, navigate to the "Advanced Settings" option.

Alt text step 1

*If you manage multiple accounts, you might need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen to access the "Advanced Settings" option.

Step 2

Under Accessibility at the bottom, tap on "Write Alt Text".

step 2

Step 3

Write your alt text and tap "Done".

step 3

Step 4

Tap “Share” in the top right corner to post.

step 4

How to add alt text to a photo already posted on Instagram:

Step 1

Choose a photo you already posted on Instagram.

part 2 step 1

Step 2

Tap the three dots in the top right corner.

part 2 step 2

Step 3

Tap “Edit”.

part 2 step 3

Step 4

Tap “Edit Alt Text.

part 2 step 4

Step 5

Write your alt text and tap "Done".

part 2 step 5


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