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Why Marketing Agencies Should Outsource Their Printing

There are many functions of marketing agencies that keep them operational. They are responsible for creating, implementing, and sustaining marketing strategies. Marketers specialize in promoting products and services to a designated target market. The goal of these agencies is to convert the target audience into customers and retain the customer base. They accomplish this through market research, advertising, sales, and consumer behavior. A main aspect of marketing is graphic design, to display physical and digital advertisements. Due to marketing agencies juggling many tasks, it’s beneficial for them to hire third party printing companies. Read below to learn the benefits as to why marketing firms should outsource their printing.

High Quality Printing

Printing companies understand the printing process and are experts in the field. With that being said, they demand a higher level of service, technology, and maintenance. Offset lithography, digital printing, and different packaging capabilities are only a few services printing companies offer. Ultimately, the print materials will be much higher quality and images will appear clearer than in-house printing. Different machinery and resources allow for marketing firms to have any product or advertisement manufactured. High quality print can also be contributed to the various options of stock material, presses, and dies. When purchasing print from an outside source, expertise and diligence in the final product is a guarantee.

More Options

There are many services and specialities that printing companies excel in. Offset lithography, digital printing, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, lamination, and large format printing are some of the services offered. Finishing and bindery add the final touches to a print material. Different finishing features include adding a matte, glossy, shiny or laminated coating. Bindery includes speciality bookbinding, such as spiral, wire or sewn binds. There are a significant amount of marketing tools print companies can produce such as business cards, brochures, postcards, and large signage. All of these services are made attainable in professional printing companies and it would not be worth completing in an in-house shop. Any project a marketing agency needs, a printing company can manufacture.

Save Costs and Time

The cost of in-house printing includes materials, equipment, labor, space, and opportunity costs. These expenses can run extremely high, especially for companies or industries that do not specialize in printing. Ultimately, it can save a marketing agency costs to outsource their printing. It is more valuable for a firm to hire a printing company for any type of project. Additionally, printing fulfillment companies can distribute and ship final products. This can save a marketing agency a significant amount of money on delivery costs. Printing companies will use the most cost-effective method for each job. Not only will outsourcing print will save on costs, it will also save time. Hiring a printing company will grant marketing firms to allocate more time on other operations of their business. Employees can spend more time working with customers, creating content, and implementing marketing strategies.

The benefits of marketing agencies outsourcing their printing are substantial. Professional printing companies offer high quality print, speciality services, and save on expenses and time. This allows marketing firms to obtain high quality promotional print materials with speciality finishing and bindery. Outsourcing print allows marketing agencies to obtain a broader array of materials for the highest quality end product.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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