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Unique Uses For Business Cards

Business Cards are an incredibly important and useful print material for any business. Traditionally, business cards have acted as a mechanism to convey important personal contact information such as name, title, email, website, address and phone number to existing and potential customers. Oftentimes, it also provides them with their first exposure to the overall image of your brand. Beyond this, however, business cards are actually quite versatile, and can be used for many unique purposes. Below are just some alternative ways you can use business cards in your marketing plan.

Loyalty Cards

One cool way you can utilize business cards is by using them as loyalty cards. The idea behind this is that after a specific number of times a customer patronizes your business, they receive a reward. For example, a coffee shop may provide their customers with a loyalty card that stipulates that after purchasing 10 coffees, they receive one free. The number of purchases as well as what the customer purchases can vary depending on the business and personal preference. Either way, loyalty cards are a great way to encourage repeat business and foster a positive relationship with customers!

Appointment Cards

For salons, medical practices, mechanics and other businesses that require appointments, using business cards as appointment cards provides customers with a practical tool. This print material not only helps people remember the date of their appointment, but also provides the opportunity to further expose them to your brand. Oftentimes, these cards are stuck on the fridge, tacked to a calendar, or placed in some other space that is in clear and frequent view of the customer. This means that their brand recognition will be boosted on a regular basis.

Product Inserts

Business cards can also be used as product inserts. Product inserts serve a variety of different purposes. For instance, perhaps you sell a product that requires special instructions. Including a business card as a product insert can be a great way to communicate such information. Other inserts could be used to offer discounts, encourage reviews or engagement online, or convey a personalized message or thank you. All of these applications serve to increase brand loyalty, repeat business, and positive attitudes amongst clientele towards your brand.

Gift Tags

Finally, business cards can be a fun alternative to gift tags! If you find yourself needing to display the price of a product or promote a sale, this is one great way to do so. A custom gift tag can be a much more interesting way to label products than the traditional application of stickers, which are typically glossed over by customers. Folding a business card could also be a great choice when using them as gift tags. With this method, you may elect to display the price and product information on the outside, and any additional care instructions inside. You could also place your unique branding on the tags as well! This adds an inventive touch to any product, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on customers.

While business cards are quite useful when used in the traditional sense, it’s important not to forget that these print materials have the ability to be used in tons of different ways. With business cards, the possibilities are endless, and while we only discussed a few alternative uses for them, the ways you can incorporate them into your business’s marketing strategy only end with your imagination!

Written By Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Specialist, Emily Steel


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