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The Importance of Print for Educational Institutions

K-12 and higher education institutions utilize print in different ways. It’s imperative for faculty to use certain materials to teach students through tangible objects and visuals. Also, universities and colleges advertise to potential new students through direct mail and promotions. Below, we list different ways that educational institutions integrate print materials to optimize teaching and promote their organization.

Books and Booklets

The most prominent print material for education are textbooks. Professors use textbooks as a course requirement and are essential for learning the material. Additionally, schools may sell or offer free spiral-bound booklets or planners. These booklets and catalogs can include blank-lined pages or information about the institution. The booklets can either be spiral or wire-bound catalogs, journals, notebooks, schedules or guides.

Direct Mail

Sending direct mail to newly admitted students or potential future students is a great way for a university to create connections and increase awareness. Colleges can send acceptance packages, brochures, recruitment letters, and video mailers. These can include information about the institution, thank donors for contributions, keep alumni connected and announce new events. Institutions need to create custom mailing lists to send certain packages to the correct recipient.

Banner Stands and Decals

Displayed throughout the building of an educational institution are retractable banner stands, wall decals, and window clings. This can provide students and faculty directions for amenities and emergency exits. If an institution is attending an event, including a banner stand is essential for providing information about the institution.

Marketing Collateral and Business Identity

Promoting your educational institution is essential for allowing people to identify your brand. Personalized registration forms, session handouts, event posters and postcards are a great way for students to recognize the school. It’s important to have this collateral at events such as open houses, campus tours and commencement ceremonies so people can remember the institution and obtain contact information. Also, creating customized envelopes, letterheads and business cards allows your institution to stand out.

Promotional Products

One of the most exciting ways for students to interact with an educational institution are through promotional products. This includes bags, apparel and stationery supplies. Students love to rep the college they attend by wearing customized apparel such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, outerwear and sweatpants. Educational institutions can hand out writing and office products at events and workshops. Having a school store can increase profits and brand awareness.

Print material is essential for educational institutions, so students, faculty and staff can operate cohesively. It can provide important information and increase a connection with a current or future student. Many of these materials are necessary for teaching and for students to retain lectures. These print materials can also increase admittance rates, profitability and awareness.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt!


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