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The Benefits of Floor Decals

Floor decals are adhesive graphics, pressed on a floor surface, used for advertisement purposes across different industries. They are thin and slip resistant, making them durable for foot traffic. Floor decals offer a creative way to get marketers' messages across. Since they stand out and are eye-catching, they can create connections between the customers and the company. The design capabilities are limitless along with the different advertising functions. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of floor decals and how you can implement them into your marketing strategy!

Grab Attention

In order for an advertisement to be successful, it must attract customers. A creative way to grab people’s attention is through floor graphics. They can promote anything from a special sale to contact information of a business. Floor decals can boost sales by increasing the customer experience! Other advertising collateral can be too flashy or lengthy, which leads to customers overlooking them. Floor graphics are placed in unexpected locations which makes them stand out. Incorporate bold colors and font into the graphics that encompass your brand. They can be cut into any sign or shape, to create an endless amount of designs. Place the floor decals where customers linger the most, such as checkout lines, near elevators, or lobbies. Additionally, floor graphics can be unique by adding a funny message or creating an optical illusion.

Provides Direction

If a company needs to direct clients to specific destinations, then directional floor decals are the perfect solution! Especially in a retail business, customers want to find what they are looking for as soon as possible. To avoid customers feeling lost and wandering around, businesses often place floor graphics to provide direction to restrooms, checkout lines, help desks, and specific products. Floor decals can also keep customers moving and distancing themselves in busy stores to avoid large crowds gathering. Aside from retail stores, offices or large headquarter buildings, may need floor signage to direct visitors or new employees. If a building is large, with several entrances and exits, incorporating multiple floor graphics into the space is vital. Directional floor signage is essential in creating a positive experience, so guests can easily find what they are looking for.

Save Space

Traditional signage such as posters, wall decals, banners, and backdrops can be large and take up valuable wall space that you may not have. These types of signage can get in the way and obstruct floor traffic. To avoid these issues, place floor graphics to optimize the space. Floor decals can be placed in the middle of entryways and by checkoutlines, to grab attention, while not getting in the way of the client. Floor signage is effective in the way it can attract customers and utilize space!

Cost Effective

Other advertising collateral can be pricey due to printing costs and delivery. Since floor decals require no maintenance and can be installed on your own, this eliminates fees and can save money! Temporary floor graphics are inexpensive, and can be used to advertise events or special sales. Other floor graphics can be applied on more permanent applications, which makes them long-lasting, without going over a budget. The price of a floor decal depends on the size, design, material, text, and the quantity of decals your business needs.

Floor decals offer many benefits most do not think of! They are durable, slip resistant, and can be placed on any hard floor surface. They offer a creative way to share a message and can incorporate a company’s branding. Since they are placed in the most prominent areas of a building, they can attract attention and provide directions to essential locations. Additionally, since floor graphics are flat and placed on the floor, they take up no space. This allows for wall space to be used for other signage. Floor decals are also easy to install which eliminates fees, making them a cost effective advertising solution. Floor decals can engage customers, increase connections, and boost profitability, while saving money!

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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