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Print Materials That Waste Management Companies Should Use

Waste management organizations collect, transport, and dispose of garbage, sewage, and other waste products safely. The increase in waste volume is attributed to the increase in population and globalization. Each waste management market is segmented into different waste types, services and regions which is then divided into categories based on the waste type. Services include commercial waste, industrial solid waste and recycling facilities. One may not think of it initially, but waste management companies need print marketing! Read below to learn how these companies can benefit from utilizing print materials.

Rack Cards

Simple and cost-effective promotional pieces, rack cards are perfect to use for waste management facilities. They are printed in color, front and back, on heavy card stock and can fit into a brochure stand. Additionally, since some of these companies promote sustainability, rack cards can be printed on eco-friendly, recycled substrate. This print material can promote the services of the company, while also being sustainable. Rack cards can fit the company’s logo, contact information, images, future events and any additional data someone may find useful. These cards can be displayed in public locations such as hotels, landmarks, convenience stores and rest areas.

Vehicle Wraps

When speaking about waste disposal, the first thing that may come to mind are garbage trucks. These vehicles, such as front, rear and automated side loaders, collect solid waste and transport it to a landfill, recycling facility or transfer station. Depending on how big the waste management company is, it may operate thousands of vehicles. These companies want to provide the best service to customers while minimizing the environmental impact. A vehicle wrap is a large vinyl cover applied directly to the vehicle. This cover can display the company’s logo, slogan, colors and website. When driving a waste disposal vehicle with a customized wrap, pedestrians can recognize the waste management company.

Expo Marketing

Trade shows are a great opportunity for waste management facilities to feature their services and spread awareness about sustainability and proper waste disposal practices. At these events, companies can hand out business cards, brochures, and promotional items such as pens and bags. Business cards allow an individual to quickly recognize the company and discover the website and services they offer. Brochures can display more images, information on sustainability and service highlights. Trade shows can leave a positive, lasting impression on individuals, which is beneficial for waste management companies.

Large Signage

Large signage is essential for waste management facilities so they can efficiently convey and communicate messages. Since these facilities operate large machinery, it’s important to have caution signs, warnings and directional decals. In the building, adding directional signs can allow workers to find locations. Adding window clings and large signage can allow people to recognize what facility it is from a far distance.

Print materials are essential for waste management companies, so individuals can quickly recognize their brand and know what services they offer. Additionally, it’s important for the facility to spread awareness about sustainability and proper waste disposal methods.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt!


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