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How Wall Murals Can Enhance Your Workplace

When it comes to workplace decor, there are many different ways a business may choose to enhance its environment. One great way to transform your office space is the implementation of wall murals. This has become an increasingly popular option amongst businesses due to its pleasing aesthetic, versatility, and efficiency. They not only instantly metamorphose your space into something new and captivating, but they are also great tools for conveying important information in regards to your brand’s identity, story, values and more. If you wish to design or renovate your business’s workplace, check out why wall murals may just be your best option.

Space Savers

Employing the use of two-dimensional forms of design is a great way to make the most of your space. If you’re tight on floorspace, using a wall mural means you won’t have to allocate any of that space to your new decor. You won’t have to worry about blocking electrical outlets or natural lighting. Wall murals also won’t hinder wi-fi signals or obstruct foot traffic. The only space you need to sacrifice for this type of decor is the surface of a wall, which has virtually no impact on the amount of actual living space your workplace has.

Instantly Transformative

Wall murals are by far one of the simplest, yet most impactful ways to transform your workplace. Depending on its specific design, a wall mural can take a drab, plain office space and turn it into something vibrant and colorful. Chances are, there's at least one area or room in your office that is lacking… something. Without changing anything else, you could instantly revamp the aura of these spaces into something much more lively and dynamic.

Storytelling Tool

A wall mural is one form of visual marketing that is not only pleasing to the eye, but carries with it the potential to demonstrate who you are as a brand. Whether it’s your brand identity, your values, company culture, or even the products or services you offer, wall murals have the capability to convey all of this information. You can fill a mural with company colors, your company logo, or even your company mission or vision statement. You could add a company timeline to demonstrate your company’s journey and history. You could create a collage of what you sell or previous customers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the stories you can tell with wall murals.

Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that there is a significant positive correlation between workplace decor and employee satisfaction and productivity. Wall murals, when designed thoughtfully, can provide inspiration to workers on a daily basis, as well as a more positive workplace environment in general. Using a wall mural to spice up your office is also a powerful tool for securing new hires and retaining them. This makes sense, as they will probably be expected to devote up to 40 hours a week in this space. When given the choice, people would rather look at something creative and inspiring than a plain jane wall.

Wall murals are quickly becoming the most popular design element used in the workplace, and for good reason. Sure, they are nice to look at, but they do have deeper intrinsic benefits, as well. They are efficient in terms of saving space, as well as having relatively higher and more instantaneous transformative power than other design elements. They are also a great way to convey who your company is as a whole, and can even increase productivity amongst employees. When contemplating on how you may want to enhance the design of your workplace, wall murals are one of the best routes to take!

Written By Omega High Impact Print Solutions' Digital Marketing Associate, Emily Steel


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