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Essential Print for Expo Marketing

Expo marketing is a mixture of trade show booths and portable displays to help grow a business and attract new customers. Expos are focused on the exhibitors and include sessions and seminars that pertain to the topic of the expo. New, small businesses and larger companies attend events to expand their brand and engage new clientele. It’s important for the booth to be compelling and stand out against competition. Your booth needs to entice new customers but also maintain the visitor’s attention. Utilize the correct marketing materials to convert guests into actual clients. Below, we list different print marketing materials your business can use in an expo.

Banner Displays

One of the most vital print materials for trade booths are banner displays. This can consist of retractable banner stands, back-drops, flag banners and mesh banners. Since these displays are large and stand out, they can be noticed from a far distance amongst a crowd of people. These displays should be creative, inspirational and bold but also professional. They must display your brand image and goals. It’s important to include your logo and contact information to entice visitors to your booth.


Incorporate brochures into a tradeshow to provide information about your company, products and services highlights and brand history. Consumers love tangible pamphlets that inform them of certain aspects of your business. The brochures should include noticeable colors, shapes, sizes and textures that define your brand. Brochures can also contain tips and advice from the company that future customers would want to know. These pamphlets should be left on the booth for people to take home with them.

Sale Invite Forms

Since many people attend trade shows, a potential customer may want to complete a purchase from your business. It’s vital to create sale invite forms that include information about the buying process and shipping or delivery details. These forms can allow your business to build quotes, take an order and design an order. Sale invite forms need to be professional, memorable and eye-catching.

Postcards and Business Cards

The most popular and simple way to engage customers is to create custom postcards and business cards. If individuals are passing by your booth and do not wish to communicate, giving them a business card is a fast way to make a connection. Business cards should display your brand image and include contact information, social media handles and a website. Postcards can highlight a specific product or service and include a discount. Since postcards and business cards are small, they need to be sleek but also informative. Customers should want to take them home and remember them in the future. They are vital for creating connections and increasing engagement.

Expo marketing and trade shows are a great way for businesses to make sales and gain new customers. Engaging new, future customers can only happen if your booth is eye-catching amongst competition and a large crowd. Incorporating the correct print marketing material can benefit your business and make your booth stand out.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Intern, Noelle Reinhardt


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