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6 Ways to Elevate Your Print Marketing Materials

Print materials have the power to create a lasting impression and shape how people perceive your brand. If you're aiming for a luxurious and high-end image, or just want to convey the high quality of your brand, incorporating certain print elements, embellishments, and techniques can work wonders in elevating your print marketing materials. So, without further ado, let's dive into six effective ways to achieve luxurious print and enhance the perceived value of your brand.

A series of paper samples showcasing different textures, colors, and weights.

1. Choose High-Quality Paper

When it comes to creating a luxurious print, it all starts with choosing the right paper. You want to go for the good stuff — premium-grade paper stocks that have that “wow” factor. Look for papers with tactically appealing textures, substation thickness and weight, and striking finishes. And don't be afraid to explore specialty options like textured, linen, or cotton papers. These stocks exude elegance and sophistication, instantly making your print marketing materials look and feel more expensive.

A tag featuring foil stamped lettering.

2. Utilize Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is another great way to give your print marketing materials an air of opulence. It involves applying metallic or colored foils onto the surface of the substrate using heat and pressure, creating a reflective and eye-catching effect. Whether you add it to your logos, text, or design elements, foil stamping is perfect for injecting that sophisticated feel into your print.

An example of embossing on thick stock paper.

3. Emboss or Deboss

Embossing and debossing are techniques that create raised or concave impressions on the paper. They give your print materials some texture and depth and give the viewer a pleasing tactile experience. This tactility instantly makes your print piece stand out, sticks in the recipient's memory, and leaves a lasting impression of exclusivity.

An orange business card featuring a spot UV coated design.

4. Incorporate Spot UV Coating

Spot UV coating is a practice that adds a glossy, raised varnish to specific areas of your print. This creates a striking contrast between matte and shiny finishes, instantly giving your materials a luxurious and sophisticated touch. Selectively applying spot UV on your print is a surefire way of capturing attention and making your print look more valuable.

A blue bird graphic and lettering created with a letterpress on thick white stock paper.

5. Opt for Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is a traditional technique that involves pressing inked plates into the paper, leaving an indentation. Not only does it give your print materials a touch of craftsmanship, but it also screams luxury. Consider using letterpress for your business cards, invitations, or stationery to evoke a classic and high-end vibe that will surely impress.

*Note: Omega High-Impact Print Solutions does not offer letterpress printing.

A piece of print featuring a silver metallic ink design.

6. Include Metallic Inks

If you're looking to make your print really shine, metallic inks are what you’re looking for. These unique inks contain metallic particles that produce a lustrous finish when applied to paper. Use metallic inks for text, borders, or design elements to add elegance, sophistication, and a touch of glamour to your print, making them appear more expensive and visually captivating.

Utilizing any of these ways to elevate your print materials will take them to a whole new level. Print with a high-end feel never fails to captivate your audience and makes your brand appear more valuable. Don’t forget that paying attention to the tiniest details and striving for superior print will leave a lasting impression of top-notch quality and sophistication with your audience that truly pays dividends. If you want to create luxurious print materials to market your business, Omega has you covered. Click here to get the process started.

Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Marketing Manager, Emily Steel


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