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Your Guide to Luxury Print Marketing

You’re in charge of “X” luxury brand’s marketing strategy. You already know that print, without a doubt, must be involved in your efforts. You understand that the power of touch is, well, powerful, and that print marketing capitalizes on this very idea. This is partially due to the fact that tangibility commands feelings of authority, higher emotional engagement and pleasure. You also realize the necessity of quality of design, graphics and otherwise.

However, there is one thing you’re unsure of: How exactly do you give your print marketing materials an air of extravagance? What type of feel and look should you be trying to achieve in order for your print to convey the right message about your brand?


The power of touch is, well, powerful. Print marketing is a great way to capitalize on this, as different textures of print can conjure up different emotions. Many people perceive uncoated papers to be luxurious because of the specific sensory experience the texture of this finish elicits. You may also enjoy more vibrant and sharp picture detail if you use high-quality uncoated paper. Furthermore, there are also multiple subtypes of uncoated paper to choose from, including smooth, super smooth and vellum, the latter of which feels as soft as velvet. These finish types all have a unique and enjoyable experience to the consumer, which improves their recognition of the brand in question.


What would impress you more: Being handed a flimsy, feather-weight business card, or a substantial, heavy-stock business card? Whether we realize it or not, the weight of a print marketing material plays a major role in how we perceive the brand that has distributed them. Generally speaking, society tends to positively associate bulk with cost. And the higher the cost, the higher the status. There’s also the notion of durability. If you can easily rip a catalog, direct mail piece, or brochure apart, you would likely not only assume that the print is cheap, but the brand may be as well. Alternatively, sturdy, thick print stock that holds up to abuse lets the consumer know, “Our print is superior, and so are we.”


The graphics you include in your print also play a major role in whether or not it is conducive with a luxury brand. Oftentimes, these graphics are professional photographs featuring striking imagery that derives relevance from the fact that they were taken specifically for the purpose of the given print. These graphics are usually either monochromatic, muted, or life-like in color in order to not overshadow the main message of your print. All of these characteristics play into a sleek, professional, and high-end aesthetic. It’s extremely important not to use low-quality imagery, or colors that are too loud. Not only does this cause the consumer to view your print, and therefore your brand, as inferior, but it can easily detract from your messaging.


There are a variety of ways you can further enhance your marketing material after the actual printing has taken place. Techniques like embossing or debossing are great ways to subtly improve the tactility of your materials. This, again, plays into the science of touch, but in a way that has more staying power with customers than the general texture and weight of your print. Foiling, die- cutting, and banding are also different ways to add some classy, eye-catching accents to your project as well.

Knowing what story you want to tell about your business is half the battle when it comes to print marketing. However, if you don’t know how to get that story across, chances are that you will end up with an unsuccessful campaign. For luxury brands, this is especially true. When your company is associated with wealth, prestige and superiority, your print should translate this to the consumer. Poorly executed, low-quality print is less forgivable in this case, since these types of businesses are held to a higher standard. Because of this, knowing exactly how to communicate your luxury brand’s identity is an absolute necessity!

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Written by Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Steel


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