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Why Print solutions Should be in Your Marketing Mix

When you think of sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is to probably stop using paper, so we can save the environment. Well, we are here to tell you that implementing print solutions into your marketing mix, can not only help your marketing strategy overall, but also help you contribute to sustainable solutions.

The reason to print

The world wide pandemic has turned everyday life into an apparent uncertainty. The result of uncertainty is people losing trust in online advertising. More importantly, the information overload of digital advertisements is making customers concerned. Infact, a study conducted by GroupM expands on how 6 in 10 consumers are less inclined to use a product if their data is used for any purpose. Twosides also released a compelling article that provided in-depth insight on how advertising and marketing communications perform better as print media instead of digital media.

Two sides concluded in their research that…

  • 52% of consumers prefer to read product catalogs

  • 45% of consumers like receiving personally-addressed advertising mail

  • 68% of consumers do not pay attention to online advertisements

  • 57% do their best to avoid them

Consumers want to choose how and when they receive communications - rather than them randomly popping up on their screens and *accidentally clicking them*.

The sustainable solutions of print

Now that you’re aware print is in fact effective - businesses should also know that modern print making has evolved to being sustainable. When print markets saw a decrease, companies were forced to downsize, consolidate and reinvent their brands. This meant printing companies needed to enforce streamlined processes, that not only automated the print process, but also eliminated excess waste and emissions. Industry trends also lead print solution companies to comply with industry standards - the management of color, quality and ink consumption.

The industry trends, and of course technology, resulted in the creation of digital printing machines. Digital printing allows print companies to perfect their skills, produce an unmatched quality in print products, and cut down on waste/excess emissions. Therefore, print has improved the environmental sustainability of not only marketing purposes, but the actual environment itself.

In Summary:

  • Adding print solutions to your marketing mix is not only a sustainable solution, but also a trusted and physical representation of effectiveness.

  • Print still holds true as a strong competitor in the marketing world, and should be considered in your 2021 marketing mix.

Ready to take on print? Contact us today to learn everything you need to know about our capabilities and solutions!



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